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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 09/12/2018

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 9th December

Heavenly Father, thank You for the Way You repeat Your message of Salvation to us

Every year we are reminded by Easter, the message of the cross, sacrifice, forgiveness, healing. Resurrection, death defeated!


Every December we come to Christmas, the birth of Jesus, the wonder, the gift of Life. Every Friday, the cross, crucifixion
Every Sunday, Resurrection, church, hymns and songs of praise and adoration, hearing Your Word spoken, the Greatest News proclaimed, a Saviour who lives with us and in us, Immanuel, God with us
Your steadfast love never ceases, Your mercies never come to an end, every morning new mercies are given, great is Your faithfulness, You will never leave us nor forsake us
Every time we drink water we can remember we are washed clean by Jesus’ blood


Every time we eat bread we can remember Jesus is the Bread of Life
Every time we eat an egg we can remember You will not give us a scorpion but will fill us with Your Holy Spirit
Every time we pick up a book or a newspaper, every time we speak, we are reminded that Jesus is Your One Word given to us, the One Word that became flesh
When we see the sun rise we know that the Son has risen, the certain proof that Jesus is Messiah, King of kings and Lord of lords
Even each breath we take is a moment by moment reminder that it is Your breath that gave us life and sustains us every  day

Thank You Father for Your continuous stream, we can be in it up to our ankles, our thighs, waist, shoulders; we can swim in the River of Your Love

Saturday 8th December

Heavenly Father, there are days when I feel as though my faith is hanging by a thread. In a deep dark pit, narrow, with steep, vertical sides, I feel in my hand a thread. And then Jesus' voice tells me to move over a bit so He can sit next to me
Just sitting, like Elijah in the cave, Peter in the dungeon, seemingly no way out, I no longer feel alone, I feel the thread in my hand. This is no ordinary thread, it is the thread that runs throughout scripture; the thread is Jesus, Your Holy Spirit, the Father's love. A cord with three strands is not easily broken
You do not come with a howling wind, a terrifying earthquake or a blazing, roaring fire; You speak in a still, calm voice. You want to know why I am here, what is weighing me down so heavily
Father, it seems sometimes as though we are fighting a losing battle, we are so comfortable living in our excess that we have no need for You. Christ in no longer honoured and has been removed from Christmas and replaced by an X - Xmas! The tree and the turkey are more important, the presents the focus of our attention
Your voice tells me to hold on to the thread, because this is the reality: the thread of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God the Father is being spoken of in every church across the nation, across the whole world. In the streets and in homes questions are being asked, "What is Christmas all about?" And the answer, "Christ!" will be on everyone's lips. The thread lifts me out of the pit. I hear "You don't want to miss this Christ-mas!"


Friday 7th December

Heavenly Father, it seems strange to me that when King Solomon asked for wisdom only You gave him wealth and honour too. Was this because You knew his heart?
Perhaps he asked for wisdom to impress You, to appear humble? He met with You and You spoke directly to him, but even though he had the opportunity to serve You wisely and with all the wealth You gave him, he eventually married women from other nations who led him astray to worship other gods. It seems incredible, almost unbelievable, that a man who met with You, received such blessing from You could go astray even to the point of worshipping false gods
Father,  I find myself in the same position, greatly blessed by You, able to meet with You by the power of Your Holy Spirit and share prayer time with You and others, able to call Jesus my Lord and Saviour! Given how King Solomon, King Saul, King David and many others failed to maintain a clean and faithful heart, even Jesus disciples deserted Him, Judas Iscariot betrayed Him, how can I remain faithful?
"If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness"
Thank You for enabling this to happen through Jesus. Help me to turn back to You as soon as I turn to the right or to the left. I confess I go wrong, You know when, where, and how! Forgive me Father and make me clean again. Thank You for Your grace and favour. Keep my eyes fixed firmly on Jesus


Thursday 6th December

Heavenly Father, I often hear or read that we live in a country which is a post-Christian society. This means that at one time we worshipped You, one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and there was no other god that we turned to but now, today, this is no longer the case
It is certainly true that we have become a multicultural society and we celebrate the differences between us but there can only be one God. You tell us we are to "have the same law for the foreigner and the native-born. I AM the Lord your God".  The Bible also tells me "Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it"
Father, how do we as a nation turn back to You? It must be possible as nothing is impossible for You. There is a song with the line "And I will serve no foreign god, or any other treasure. You are my heart's desire, Spirit without measure. Unto Your Name, I will bring my sacrifice"
Father, I know we never stand alone; even Elijah had 7,000 who had not bowed the knee to Baal! Fill every one of us, Your people who believe and trust in Jesus, with Your Holy Spirit again so we may once again be a Light to the nation. We need Christ in Christmas, we need Christ in Christians, we need Christ to be a Christian nation
Forgive us for wandering away from You and turn our hearts back to You, to Jesus, our true Treasure. Resurrect us, as You resurrected Jesus, to bring this nation back to Life by the Truth, show us the Way


Wednesday 5th December

Heavenly Father, the Bible tells me a number of times to not turn to the left or right but to stay on the path You have set before me. So many things come along which distract me, not always sinful but distractions, mishaps, problems to solve, difficulties which arise, people asking questions, or with complaints
We say "These things are sent to try us".  And they certainly do try our patience, our respect for others, our love for others. Our confidence in You is tested, our trust in You is tested. Sometimes we take tests, exams, to see how we are progressing. Some allow us to move on to a new level, even a new job
Some testing is to establish the strength of an object; will a shelf hold the weight I want to put on it? The things that are sent to try us, test us, allow us to measure how deep our faith has become, it must be for our benefit because You already know!
Heavenly Father, I know there will be things sent to try me today. Holy Spirit, help me to stay true, on the path, not turning to the right of to the left, no matter what is sent to try me, I want to stay true to Jesus; help me to deal with everything in a way that is honouring to Jesus, to my Father in Heaven. I know You will not allow me to be tested to destruction, beyond what I am able to endure
Thank You for allowing me to see that my faith is secure, that the ‘shelf will hold the weight’.  It is Your Spirit that holds me up, that keeps me going, on the path to see me through to the end. My reward is giving glory to You. Thank You


Tuesday 4th December

Heavenly Father, the Bible tells me that "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom".  You also tell me to "work out my salvation with fear and trembling".  I know this cannot mean I should live my whole life worried and fearful that I will let You down somehow and therefore through some error on my part miss out on eternal life
Elsewhere, You tell me that You will never leave nor forsake me, that You have my name written on the palms of Your hands, that nothing in all creation can separate me from Your love in Christ Jesus. I suppose there was a moment when I realised the Truth about who You are, who Jesus is and the state of my life and how I had no hope of impressing You, the beginning of wisdom?
Seeing You as creator of everything, the whole universe! It is no wonder that David put his trust in You when facing Goliath. So now I have to work out what to do next; I work this out with fear and trembling, wondering how can I possibly approach You, speak to You, hear from You
It is no surprise that as I see You for who You are I fall to my knees in wonder and adoration, fear and trembling! And then I meet Jesus, You have come to search for me, lost and afraid, trembling in Your presence. Jesus tells me, and then shows me how much You love me. My fear and trembling work out that Jesus is my Salvation, Friend, King, Saviour, and my fear and trembling transforms to joy, devotion, awesome wonder. You have not sent Jesus to condemn me but to save me, to rebuild our broken relationship. Thank You


Monday 3rd December

Heavenly Father, sometimes, when we realise something, recognise something, to be true, need to verify the veracity of what has been revealed we might say "Hold on a minute!" I want the world to wait while my brain catches up with what I heard
I am asking if this can really be true? Did I really hear what I just heard? Is this even possible? Jesus Christ really lived? Really died? Really is resurrected? Really took my place so I can live forever? I might look the person in the eye and say with a sceptical, questioning voice "Hold on a minute? Are you having me on? Taking me for a fool?".  But no, this is no joke, no fairy tale, no story to ease the pain of death, but the truth. I don't need to hold on a minute, I need to hold on to this truth forever!
Father, help me to never become self-satisfied, self-sufficient, self-absorbed, self-oriented, self-promoting. Help me to hold on to Jesus forever, knowing He is totally satisfying, totally sufficient, absolutely absorbing. He never looked out for Himself but looks out for me, promotes me from nowhere to the Father's presence and intercedes for me
When doubts come, failure comes, disappointment comes, help me to hold on a minute because in that minute Your Holy Spirit reminds me that You are holding on to me and You will never let me go, I will not slip through Your fingers. I know You will finish the good work You started in me. I hold on a minute and You hold on forever. Thank You Jesus, death could not hold You and I know it will not hold me either


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