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Contributions to the RNLI honoured at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston 

23 December 2018
Mark Boggis, Yarmouth Mercury, reports

RNLI 12-2018A

Photo shows from Jim Carter, Mick Sinacola, David Mason, Lindsey Wigmore, Rod Wells, Paddy Lee and Rev Albert Cadmore. Picture: RNLI Great Yarmouth & Gorleston

The dedicated long service and commitment of lifeboat members has been honoured during a special event

RNLI 12-2018B

David was presented with his award by Lifeboat Operations Manager Lindsey Wigmore. Picture: RNLI Great Yarmouth & Gorleston

During the annual RNLI Great Yarmouth and Gorleston lifeboat station Christmas meal, the achievements of Rodney Wells, Mick Sincola, and David Mason were hailed

Mr Wells, who is an assistant coxswain for the all-weather lifeboat Samarbeta, and helmsman on the inshore relief lifeboat, Pride of Leicester, has been a crew member for 20 years

RNLI 12-2018C

Mick was presented with his award by Rev Albert Cadmore, Lifeboat Chairman. Picture: RNLI Great Yarmouth & Gorleston

And in honouring his dedication he received a gold long service badge

A spokesman said “The station is very fortunate in having Rodney as a crew member because in his day job he is a senior paramedic on the East Anglian Air Ambulance”

RNLI 12-2018D

Rod Wells was presented with his award by President Jim Carter. Picture: RNLI Great Yarmouth &  Gorleston

Mr Sinacola joined the crew in 1990 and worked his way up to helmsman and mechanic before moving to the Thames lifeboat station at Tower in 2002, in the same capacity

He returned to Gorleston in 2004 before transferring to a shore mechanics role in 2005. He is a constant visitor to the station and can often be seen working on the Samarbeta lifeboat as Mr Sinacola also received his gold long service badge

Hailing the “outstanding achievement“ of David Mason, his long service to the station was honoured

After joining the crew in 1967 Mr Mason worked his way up to be coxswain of Samarbeta when she was named by Princess Alexandra in 1996

He was awarded the bronze medal and thanks of the institution in 1996 for the rescue of the yacht, Olline, in storm force 11 wind conditions

In 2004 he stood down as coxswain and took on the role of deputy launching authority, a post he still holds today as he actively assists the crew and station in any way he can

“David was awarded his 50-year bar to his long service badge, which is an outstanding achievement” the spokesman said

The president of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston lifeboat station, Jim Carter, chairman, Rev Albert Cadmore, lifeboat operations manager, Lindsey Wigmore and coxswain/mechanic Paddy Lee presented the trio with their “well-deserved awards”