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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 06/01/2019

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 6th January

Heavenly Father, wherever You reign You rain. Wherever You went Jesus went, doing only what He saw You doing. Whoever believes in Jesus, out of them will flow streams of Living Water
Father, help me to trust Your Word, to trust Jesus, to take Him at His word. I believe in Jesus, therefore it follows that streams of Living Water will flow, it must because Jesus said so and He never told, and never tells, a lie
What will be the outcome of the stream? It may only be a trickle if I only trust a little, so that people just get their feet wet. The more You reign, the more You rain and as rain pours streams become rivers and as You pour out Your Spirit so a river can start to flood. And in a flood people are in the Living Water up to their waist, or even up to their neck, swimming
The world has many deserts, people who live dry, parched lives. What is the effect of water in a desert? Life blossoms! The seed that has lain dormant will spring forth, burst into bloom rejoicing greatly with shouts of joy
Father, over many years, Your people have planted seed, now the ground is full of seed, hearts are full of seed in lives that are like deserts. Let Your Living Water flow! Pour out into the hearts of everyone who has had a seed planted in them! Seed planted in school assemblies through teaching and hymns, seed planted at weddings, baptisms and funerals, seed planted in church services and sermons, in youth groups, in conversations on the streets. Lazarus come forth, dry bones, rise up! Thank You

Saturday 5th January

Heavenly Father, I was challenged yesterday, and rightly so, with the words "What about rejoicing in the things of the past that are worthy and good?" This made me start to think about the things I would rejoice over, talk to You about, pray about, the things that are worthy and good:

meeting my wife at college; You got me to college  when You gave me the skills as a musician to become a music teacher. My teaching career stemmed from the same gift of music;
my children, each of them a gift from You, especially the first, who without Your intervention would never have been born;
my turning to Christ as my Saviour, a gift from You through my wife's faith and prayers;
the people who encouraged me in my faith, guided and taught me, a gift from You;
my published works regarding music teaching, especially about composing music, the understanding not through study but through a revelation from You;
being able to lead worship in church stemming from the same musical gift from You

There are so many good and worthy things in my life today, and in the past, that I rejoice over but as I search my mind and reflect upon them I find that You are at the centre of everything that has been and is good in my life. "All good gifts around us are sent from Heaven above, then thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord, for all His love".  I remember this hymn chorus from school! Even as a child You were shaping me, though I didn't see it until now
Thank You for every good gift, but especially for Jesus who has taken every bad thing. I know everyone's list will be different but I wonder how many will find that all good things stem from You? Father, I hope everyone will write their own list and give thanks, praise and worship to You today

Friday 4th January

Heavenly Father, things that don't matter to me have little or no impact on my life. If I don't care about something it does not affect the way I think, the things I do, or the things I say
Holy Spirit, I think You just asked me what is in my hands? It cannot be a grudge because I am not to hold any grudges and I don't think I do. I have forgiven anyone who has hurt me and I bear no malice towards anyone, as far as I know. That is all in the past
The past? Is that what is in my hands? It should not be because I have given my past to You, it has been nailed to the cross and can no longer harm me or influence me. All my sin, my shame, my guilt, my wrong thoughts, words and actions have all been paid for by Jesus and no longer count so there is no point in holding on to them; in fact I can't!
If I think they are still in my hands it is a lie, and I know where lies come from, the father of all lies. The Truth is that I have given the past to You, through Jesus on the cross and the Truth will, has and does set me free! Jesus has rendered the past impotent because I have given it to Him
If something doesn't count, doesn't matter, it cannot influence me any more. There is no point in looking back; if I put my hand to the plough and look back I am not fit for service! I have no desire to be turned into a pillar of salt! Where do I look? Look forward, look to Jesus, watch where I am going. The only thing in the past that matters is the cross of Christ and I can only give thanks for that. Thank You


Thursday 3rd January

Heavenly Father, decisions, decisions, decisions! If it's not one thing it's another! Problem after problem. It seems that many things are sent to distract us. I know that some things are sent to try us. The question is, how do we tell the difference?
We sometimes spot the decoy, the red herring we call it, and perhaps we think or even say out loud "You don't expect me to fall for that one do you?" I suppose the question I must ask myself is whether this is a distraction from what You want me to do or is it part of Your plan, training me, strengthening me, preparing me, guiding me, teaching me
Do I need to be still, step back and wait, or should I be moving forward? Is the problem going to help or hinder the way forward? What kind of voice do I hear in my head as I consider the problem? Is it quiet, calm, reasonable, loving, caring; Your voice? Or is it demanding, impatient, loud, overbearing, unreasonable, provocative, angry; the voice of the enemy?
If I hear Your voice, then I can listen and follow Your Way forward, along the right road. If I hear the voice of the enemy then I can ignore it, tell it to be silent by the power and authority You have given me in Jesus by His Spirit and get on with what You have planned for me
I believe You have a plan for today and it is that plan I want to follow. Help me to ignore the roaring lion, to submit myself to You so the enemy has to flee. When Jesus set His face to Jerusalem He knew what You wanted Him to do and He carried out Your will. So be it for me


Wednesday 2nd January

Heavenly Father, where would I be without You, without Jesus, without Your Holy Spirit? I prefer not to think about it, or as we sometimes say "I dread to think!"
I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Heaven would be out of the question, eternal life would be an impossible dream, and I would have little confidence in a life here on earth worth living. Instead I prefer to think of what I have now, Your Holy Spirit here with me, even now as I sit in Your presence. Heaven waits, You alone know the plans You have for me, but I know there is a room for me with my name on the door
Eternal life waits, again You alone know the plans as no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived the things You have prepared for me! My life here on earth now has a purpose, it is a life worth living as You alone know the plans; I am now Your handiwork, created in Jesus to do good works which You have prepared in advance for me
Day by day You reveal more of Your grace, more of Your love, and the depth of that love. Little by little You change me and it is only when I look back, albeit ever so briefly, that I realise how much You have already done in the amazing transformation within my soul. I know there is still a great deal to do but I am certainly better than I was and I know I will be better than I am now. The fruit of Your Spirit grows slowly, but does grow, not because of what I do but because of what You do in me. Amazing love. Thank You


Tuesday 1st January

Heavenly Father, I wonder what I should consider to be a miracle? I celebrated, with my wife, our Ruby Wedding Anniversary a couple of days ago; it is a wonder to me that she has stuck by me for 40 years! Is that a miracle?
What is a miracle? The vast majority of time nature runs its course, but sometimes Father, You override what should happen naturally so that something supernatural happens. I guess the natural things are in nature, including human nature. "To err is human, to forgive divine".  I have been forgiven so much by so many people, it is miraculous. I have also been forgiven so much by You, by Jesus, it is also a miracle
It would have been easy for my wife and family to dump me, recognise what a waste of time and space I was and move on to something better. But because they are all filled with Your Holy Spirit, the Divine, they forgave me and it is to their credit that the family survived
It would also have been easy for You to dump me too, leave me dead in my sins to face Your judgement, Your "wrath", at the end of my days when I went "to meet my Maker". But Your love, Your supernatural love was, and is, greater than I could ever imagine. It was when I was still far off that Jesus died in my place, having rejected You, denied Jesus. That is a miracle, it goes against the natural, it is supernatural. Very rarely will someone die for a righteous person though for a good person someone might dare to die. Jesus died for me while I was still a sinner. A miracle! Thank You


Monday 31st December

Heavenly Father, thank You for the gift of another day, another chance to meet with You, another chance to sit at Your feet, another chance to rest in Your arms, another chance to hear Your voice, another chance to speak to You, another chance to wonder at the love You have shown in Jesus
"What is mankind that You are mindful of them? Human beings that You care for them?"  Who am I that You have me in Your mind? Who am I that You care about me? Father, I suppose I am what You want, what any father wants, a child
For a long time I was not aware of Your love, for a long time I denied Your love, even denied Your existence; but You never forgot me, never let me out of Your sight for a moment, waiting for the time when I would hear the words "I know my Redeemer lives" and my heart would melt, turn to You and ask You to forgive me. And You did, You have, and You do, not because of what I have done, but because of what Jesus did for me on the cross
My relationship with You, being able to meet with You, is entirely due to Your grace, due to Your love, due to Your sacrifice, due to Your forgiveness and all through Jesus. Without Jesus I could not know You, could not understand the depth of Your love, could not begin to comprehend the value that You placed upon me! That You would give Your only begotten Son to die in my place is impossible for me to fully take in; in fact I can't begin to take it in! If I said I can only scratch the surface I would be exaggerating!
Thank You, I love You, is all I can say


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