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ENYFC update and prayer diary for January 2019 

We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

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“But the Lord is faithful and He will strengthen you (setting you on a firm foundation)  and will guard and protect you from the evil one” 
(Thessalonians 3 v 3 AMP version)


GYHS 07-2018After a very short December (only two weeks in the school before the end of term) we are so thankful for what Holy Spirit and the team at East Norfolk Youth for Christ have achieved together throughout the year and are eagerly anticipating all the great things God is going to do in 2019. He is faithful and His promises are true every day of every year and as we look back at 2018 we can see how the young people have grown as they’ve explored (even if somewhat sporadically) having an ongoing relationship with our beautiful Saviour. Thank you for all your prayers for Lorraine, Ali, the volunteers, trustees and young people. Please join with us in thanking Him for His mercy and favour and pray this will continue into 2019

The school finished 2018 off with a Christmas jumper day where everyone was allowed to wear a Christmas jumper including staff and what a colourful array there was! The Christmas turkey roast dinner complete with crackers even saw Mr Smith wearing a party hat and doing the “floss” in the dinner hall much to everyone’s amusement

Lorraine and Ali took every opportunity to talk about the real meaning of Christmas, even discussing this from a Year 7 girl “If God wants everyone to be happy, why does He take our loved ones?” Please pray for them to discover the beautiful, compassionate, just and loving God we know, instead of the harsh, cruel, bully the enemy describes Him as! 

 We see the return to the single lunch hour this term, so please pray that we will see with God’s eyes who to sit with, as the school will be split into three rooms to eat their lunches, so we will be more restricted, ie only two of us for three venues and only one time-slot instead of two. Please also pray for the visit of our National Director Neil O’Boyle to the school this month; that God will be glorified in the conversations he has with the Head and that this connection will enhance our relationships with the school. Please continue to pray that the Head Teacher and the Leadership Team will allow The Sense to visit in March 2019


ENYFC 01-2019ATHEOS is in the office every Wednesday and the young people attending vary from week to week. They asked if they could have a “film night” at the end of term so Lorraine and Ali arranged the office to feel like a cinema with nibbles and cushions (and the compulsory hot chocolates of course!) and we watched the first in The Chronicles of Narnia – the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The young people were intrigued to discover that CS Lewis was a Christian and when we pointed out the similarities between the characters/storyline and the Bible account of Jesus coming to save humanity, they watched the film with “new” eyes. It brought some great questions to the surface, too:


ENYFC 01-2019BYear 10 boy: “Why did God make Satan?” Year 11 then exclaimed “What! God made Satan? I thought they were brothers!” Year 7 girl “I don’t believe in God because there’s so much suffering and I can’t even see Him” Another Year 7 girl “If God exists, who made Him?”


One of the Year 11s was in tears as she watched Aslan suffer the humility of being tied up, beaten and killed and she realised that’s what Jesus went through for her. Please pray that they will remember that when we come back this month to discuss the film. Pray for Lorraine as she leads the session that they will engage with what she’s saying


ETP 12-2018We only had one ETP session in December as there were other church commitments and activities to engage with but the lad who regularly attends this group from school (*Lennon - PD December 2018) has been feeling so accepted and welcomed by Park Baptist Church that he attended the Christmas service there and stayed on for the Christmas party they threw! Thank God for his courage in turning up and for the love and acceptance he feels with this church family



ENYFC 01-2019CYouth Café As you know, we have a birthday party for Jesus at the last Youth Café before Christmas and this year was no different. There was dodgeball, party food, birthday cake and a great talk by Lorraine. As they played Pass the Parcel, finding a Bible verse relating a part of the story of Jesus along with chocolate money in each wrapper they were excited to see what the final present was going to be. As Lorraine talked about the things we usually ask for for Christmas, ie things money can buy; phones, clothes, X-box games, imagine their surprise when the final wrapper was undone, revealing a baby! The lad who opened it was a bit nonplussed until Lorraine explained that the best gift we could possibly receive was once a baby, but grew up to become the Saviour of the world and we have all already been given Him as a gift but so many of us haven’t unwrapped Him yet. Once he realised this was symbolising Jesus, the lad (*Kevin) beamed! Please pray that when they come back this year, they will dig deeper to uncover more of Jesus


ENYFC 01-2019DThe Sense and Stance were brilliant as usual, giving the young people the opportunity to let their hair down once more with the team games, the Mix Dance, and their favourite songs like Free-runner and Ten Feet Tall. The 19 young people there were so pleased to have the teams back and were desperate to have a selfie with them all. They heard the Gospel once more, given by Beth and Millie from Stance and one of the Year 11s (who only came because his girlfriend was coming) sat outside with Amilcar, discussing why he should give God a chance, not dismiss Him just based on what other people say about Him. Please pray that He will have thought about this over Christmas and come back wanting to know more. An extra thank you to the Leadership Team and Martin from Park Baptist Church who authorised and fixed hooks in their walls enabling the church to be “blacked out” giving an atmospheric and stunning venue!


If you want to know how to support us please get in touch. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship (East Norfolk Youth for Christ) if you’d like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ and post them to the office address at the bottom of this update


People often ask us “What does Youth for Christ actually DO?”. If you’re not sure and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you


Commitments for January 2019: 


Wednesday 2nd          
As Lorraine and Ali catch up after the Christmas break and start to put into place all the plans for the new term pray that they will be enthused and invigorated by His Presence to take the Good News to the young people of Great Yarmouth
Thursday 3rd                  
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray that Lorraine and Ali will go to the people God wants them to speak to and take the opportunities to chat about Him.
Youth Café: Thank God for all those young people who are back today and have remembered that the Café is on! Pray for them to feel loved and accepted in this place
Friday 4th              
The Sense and Stance Gig: Thank God for the tireless work these people put into spreading the gospel in their unique and relevant ways. Thank God for the hosts who are so sacrificial every time, providing beds and food for the team – this year we thank God for Dorothy, John, Helen, Richard, Louise, Pete, Terry, Emily, Gary, Elizabeth, Rachel and Nick. Please pray that the young people who came will continue to investigate and ask questions about Jesus. Pray that the teams will be allowed back into school in March
Monday 7th           
Please pray that as we meet different people this month to discuss possible involvement within the organisation, God’s will will be done. Pray today for an administrator to release Ali of some of her work
Tuesday 8th           
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Thank God that we have His favour in the school. Pray that this will continue and that we will continue to use every opportunity to bless the staff and pupils
ETP: Thank God for the relationships amongst these young people. Thank Him that *Lennon felt accepted and went to the church service and sat with the girl who also goes to ETP. Thank God for the church family at Park Baptist Church, particularly Lester and Gary who volunteer at this group
Open Office: Pray for protection for these young people and Ali. Pray that the young people will be open to discussion about Jesus and that our relationships will grow even more this year
Wednesday 9th           
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray for the preparations and discussions around the upcoming Valentine’s Concert in February. Pray that the Year 10 music pupils will be enthusiastic about the event and productive in our discussions about the decorations
Theos: Thank God for the saints who have gone before us and the legacies they have left for us to benefit from. Praise God for CS Lewis, for his film the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and what it showed the young people about Jesus’ sacrifice and love for us. Pray that we will have productive conversations about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection today, as we do about Aslan’s!
Thursday 10th               
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Praise God for this school and the positive atmosphere it has. Pray for the teachers who are Christians; that they will have the courage to speak for Him wherever they can
Youth Café Thank God for what the young people heard last term when Lorraine spoke at the party. Pray that they won’t let it rest; that they will keep questioning what that amazing gift is, what He means for them and why we celebrate Christmas
Friday 11th              
Finance: We have been blessed with more than enough finances over the years. Praise God for His provision. However, we would love to recruit again so we need to seek God for His financial provision for the future. Please pray that we will have the finances in to enable us to grow the team again
Monday 14th          
Please pray for the person we’re meeting this month to discuss the possibility of becoming a trustee. Pray that God’s will will be done
Tuesday 15th         
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray for the school as the pressure starts this term over exams for the Year 11s. Pray that it doesn’t get to much for the pupils and that they will be wise with their revision timetables, regulating their work
ETP: Pray for the finances for Park Baptist Church to keep this group going and for the relationships to continue to grow between the adults and young people. Thank God for Pete and Claire Timothy who co-lead this with Lorraine
Open Office: Pray for Ali today at the office, that there won’t be too many young people. Thank God for Nigel and his close proximity so he can assist whenever necessary
Wednesday 16th     
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray for the catering and dinner staff today – that they will see Jesus’ grace, love and compassion in Ali and Lorraine. Thank God for the opportunity to serve the school at lunchtimes by helping clear away the chairs and tables after lunch
Theos: Pray for Lorraine as she starts her series today on Who is Jesus and why does He matter? Pray that she will grow in confidence as she leads these young people on such a life-changing journey
Thursday 17th         
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray for the leadership team today; that they will see something different in Ali and Lorraine. That they will want to know why we do what we do
Youth Café: Please just spend time today thanking God for this team: Lorraine, Louise, Michelle, Susan, Sue, Amilcar, Erny and Livvy. They sacrifice so much to come here every Wednesday – it’s a huge commitment and they’re committed even when they’re tired or stressed. Sometimes the young people are not the easiest to love, particularly when you’re not used to the way they talk and behave so please pray a blessing over these volunteers today
Friday 18th             
Trustees: Thank God for these amazing people: Nigel, Matt, Richard and Ali. Thank you for your prayers for them over the years, but please continue to hold them up and pray for health, strength, passion and determination for the fight. This IS a war, not a scuffle and sometimes they feel “hard pressed on every side, perplexed, persecuted and struck down” BUT they are not crushed, they are not in despair, they are not abandoned and they are not destroyed thanks to the all surpassing power that is from God. Praise His Name! Please continue to pray the release of everything He has for them to continue the fight. If you fancy getting stuck in alongside them it’s a great place to be! Just get in touch
Sunday 20th                  
WEC+: Pray that these young people will be open to talking about Jesus but please pray that Lorraine and Ali will be patient in just being in relationship with them. Pray for discernment when they need to talk and when they need to just listen
Monday 21st           
Pray for the person we’re approaching this month about the possibility of releasing Ali of some of the financial work she does; that God’s will will be done
Tuesday 22nd               
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray for Lorraine and Ali’s conversations today, that they will honour God and the other people present. Pray that they will be alert to the what God is saying and be bold with their discussions
ETP: Thank God that this is such a good place for the young people to open up; that they feel safe here to talk about the tough stuff. Pray that they will seek Jesus as the only real and everlasting answer
Open Office: Pray for protection and patience for Ali and the young people here; that they will be respectful of the office, the equipment and each other. Thank God for the keyboard, guitar and cajon people have given/lent over the years. Pray that the young people who come will leave feeling encouraged and affirmed
Wednesday 23rd   
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Thank God for the decades of Christians praying for this school and being His Presence in some form or other; staff, pupils, governors, trustees, volunteers. Praise Him that nothing is wasted in His economy and pray that every word spoken will continue to be part of His plan and purpose
Theos: Praise God for the young people who are going to come back today, eager to hear Lorraine’s session. Pray for health for her and for His words to be spoken through her. Praise Him for the impact they’re going to have on those listening
Thursday 24th        
Pray for Neil O’Boyle as he travels to us for the day. Neil is our National Director and is keen to encourage the different Youth for Christ centres by visiting personally so he can meet the workers, trustees and volunteers and get a feel for the work we’re doing. This is a massive undertaking with almost 70 centres across the UK so please pray for energy and good health for him
1315 -1350: Dinner Hall: Please pray that Neil’s visit to the school with us at lunchtime will be well received and encouraging to the school. Please pray that this will enhance our relationship with the school
Youth Café: Please pray that the volunteers will be encouraged by Neil’s visit to the Café today. Pray that he will be able to chat with some of the young people too and as he leaves the area, pray for a safe, easy journey home
Friday 25th                     
Thank God for the office. We love being here and being so accessible for the young people and their families. Praise God for the mums and siblings who come and venture through our doors during school times
Saturday 26th       
Safeguarding Training: Thank God for the willingness of the volunteers to continue with their training for the safety of the young people we serve. Thank God for Claire as she, again, volunteers to deliver the training. Pray for good health for her today
Monday 28th                
Trustees Meeting: Thank God for Thea Smith, our Local Ministries Director, who is another link between British Youth for Christ and the centres in the Eastern Region. Pray for a safe journey from Northampton today and for wisdom as she joins the trustees at the meeting tonight. We are really keen to grow the ministry again this year so please pray for the trustees to be completely in tune with Holy Spirit so they only act on His agenda, not theirs        
Please pray that all the trustees will be well enough to attend
Tuesday 29th        
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Please pray that the young people who find school difficult will find Ali and Lorraine today; that these two will be a comfort to the pupils
Theos: Pray that the cooking will go well today and that the young people will be keen to take part and learn about healthy eating. Pray for patience for the leaders and thank God for His provision that this group meets every week
Open Office: Pray for safety today and for the conversations Ali will have with the young people who come tonight. Thank God for the finances to pay for fruit, hot chocolate, games and puzzles. If anyone has any old puzzles, games or beanbags please let us know as we are always in need of them
Wednesday 30th       
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray for Jane and Tracey (staff) as they support their (adult) sons in very different situations that are equally difficult and heart-breaking. Pray that both families will know the love of God and will know Jesus as the answer to every problem and the Light in every dark place.
Theos: Pray for revelation for the young people here tonight hearing the Word from Lorraine. Pray for peace for her and for courage to speak the truth
Thursday 31st               
1315 - 1350: Dinner Hall: Pray that Lorraine and Ali will know which pupils need to talk today. Pray for those who don’t get the chance to chat with them any more as the lunch times have changed. Pray that they won’t lose touch
Youth Café: Thank God for the privilege of having these young people in this place. Pray that they will honour the environment and realise that we are different because of the love of Jesus in us


Thank you for your support, as always and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us

Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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