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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 13/01/2019

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 13th January


Heavenly Father, it seems we often question why You came into the world as Jesus, when You did. A world dictated by the Romans, leprosy a major problem, evil spirits another problem, primitive communications, scrolls and tablets (of stone that is), barbaric executions, primitive transport, horses, camels, chariots, donkeys.  A world which had so little of what we have today. No democracy, no scientific medicines, no electricity, no communication devices, no buses, trains, or aeroplanes
Instead of coming as a Roman Caesar, You chose to come as a Jewish peasant, a nobody; instead of Premier League, You came as Second Division, or more like non-league, with no power or influence, no financial clout, or at least that is how it seems. You did not come in luxury but in poverty, not a palace but a stable. Why?
I guess You came like You did because You wanted to be one of us, ordinary. Most of us are non-league with little power or influence, no financial clout. If I want to watch the Premier League I look on channel 1, but if I want to watch the Second Division I have to go to channel 37, and non-league is nowhere to be found. It seems most people are only interested in Premier League but You came among us in the lowest leagues, the non-league where the ordinary people live
The hope You bring is Heaven, Premier League, no, even better, The Champions League! Jesus is Champion and makes us champions with Him. The lowest of the low promoted to the highest of heights. Thank You, amazing!

Saturday 12th January

Heavenly Father, thank You that I do not have to rely on my own goodness but Your goodness, shown to me in Jesus
Thank You that I do not have to rely on my life but on Your Life, the life of Jesus
Thank You that I do not have to rely on my own heart, it was a heart of stone, but I rely on Jesus' heart, a pure heart of love, of flesh
Thank You that I do not have to rely on my own words but on Your Word, Jesus
Thank You that I do not have to rely on my own righteousness but on the Righteousness of Christ
Thank You that I do not have to rely my own accomplishments but on what Jesus accomplished on the cross
Jesus said that heaven and earth will pass away but His words will never pass away, everything He said is Truth, Eternal and cannot be changed or rewritten. Often when we are caught out we try to rewrite history. We say that history is written by the victors
History, His story, cannot be rewritten and His story, the Truth, is written by the Victors, by You, by Jesus, by Your Spirit. The Son of Man in the presence of the Ancient of Days has been given authority, glory and sovereign power, all nations and languages will worship Him, His Dominion everlasting, His Kingdom will not pass away or be destroyed
 As we face uncertain days, help us to remember Your Word, Your Truth, Your promise, that we are not left on our own but that You are with us and for us. Jesus is Lord and we are His people, I am His, this nation is His. As we submit, worship You, pour out Your blessing, Your Spirit. Thank You


Friday 11th January

Heavenly Father, I remember as a child, about 6 years old, wrestling with my brother who is 6 years older than me. In those days wrestling was decided by 'two falls or a submission'
I know I enjoyed the thrill of getting him into a position where, if I could hold him for three seconds, it would be a fall, but after counting to two he would just use his extra weight and strength to push me aside. The same would happen if I thought he should submit because I had him in a good hold, I would end up flat on my back with him nonchalantly holding me down and counting to three or me saying "Submit! Submit!" In all our wrestling he never once hurt me even though I tried really hard to hurt him
I seem to spend a lot of my time these days wrestling with You, trying to get You into a position where You submit to me, get You in a hold where I can count to three and know that I have You in a fall, and I guess even trying to hurt You
I suppose when Jacob wrestled with You, saying he would not let You go until You blessed him, he wanted to hold You down for three seconds or get You to submit. In the end You won, dislocating his hip, but also blessing him
It seems to me that it is when we submit to You then we win; the devil has to flee, we find peace that passes all understanding, the windows of Heaven open and pour out Your blessings upon us. Jesus wrestled with You in Gethsemane, but submitted to Your will, obedience leading to sacrifice. May I submit to Your will today, obedience leading to blessing


Thursday 10th January

Heavenly Father, the prophet Samuel said to King Saul that it is better to obey than to sacrifice. Saul gave excuses about why he had not done what You had told him to do, claiming he wanted to sacrifice to You the sheep that should already be dead. Saul had the kingdom ripped from him as he ripped Samuel's cloak
Later, Nathan the prophet would confront King David in a similar fashion but with David there were no excuses, he admitted he had sinned against You
In a Psalm he said he had sinned only against You and asked You to create a pure heart in him, to not take away Your Holy Spirit but to restore in him the joy of Your salvation. David recognised that You do not delight in sacrifice but in a broken and contrite heart, in an obedient heart; exactly what King Saul did not see
Saul wanted the sacrifice to lead to obedience, David wanted obedience to lead to sacrifice; having asked for an obedient heart he said "Then I will teach transgressors Your ways so that sinners turn back to You... Then You will delight in the sacrifices of the righteous"
Lord Jesus, You were obedient throughout Your life and Your obedience lead to Your Sacrifice. You have shown us how to be obedient so we can turn back to our Father in Heaven and then He can delight in our sacrifice, our broken and contrite hearts
Lord Jesus, thank You that our sin is paid for by Your sacrifice, the obedient servant, Your blood blots out my sin; take away my heart of stone and give me an undivided heart of flesh to obey You


Wednesday 9th January

Heavenly Father, when I was younger I would stand in line waiting to be chosen by whoever had been chosen to be team captain. I suppose, like most, I dreaded being the last one to be selected; sometimes we say the runt of the litter, not really wanted.  In a family perhaps the youngest, the one with least influence, the one who is not listened to, the one who is ignored

I find it fascinating that on at least three occasions You chose the least important, Joseph, the youngest, David, the youngest, Gideon, the least important in the weakest clan in Manasseh. Isaiah recognised himself as a man of unclean lips living among people with unclean lips. Moses and Jeremiah both said they did not know how to speak, Jeremiah too young and Moses thought he was a nobody  "Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?"   
Father, thank You that You show clearly that it is not wealth, or rank, or age that determines who You choose, nor is it by might or power that You want me to accomplish anything, but by Your Spirit. Thank You that You have told us not to despise the day of small things
Thank You that Jesus warned us that on our own we can do nothing, but with Him, attached as a branch to the Vine, we can bear much fruit
Thank You that we did not choose You but that You chose us to be Your children and to bear much fruit
Guide me today to where You want me to be so Your Spirit in me can accomplish what You have sent Him to accomplish. Whether first or last, incredibly, I am chosen. Thank You


Tuesday 8th January

Heavenly Father, Jesus said that He had come so that we may have life, life to the full, or abundantly. But Father, what is life all about? We eat but we get hungry again soon after, we drink and we get thirsty again. We earn money and spend it, we often have more than we need but never seen to be satisfied, so we buy more.  Jesus said that we build bigger and bigger barns for all that we have but in the end we leave it all behind
Jesus said that we cannot live on bread alone but need every word that comes out of Your mouth. He also said that when we drink the water that He gives we will never thirst again; in fact it will become a spring welling up to eternal life. Jesus said that He is the Bread of Life and that He would give us water to drink; as branches attached to Jesus, the Vine, we are watered directly from Him, by His Spirit
You promised Abraham many children, abundant life from him, a father of many nations. As he trusted in You, following where You led, even though he didn't know where he was going, so You led him and delivered what You promised
Father, as I go into another day help me to trust in every word that has come from Your mouth, especially trust in the Word made flesh; let me look to Jesus, the things He said, the things He did to guide me to a life like His, an abundant life, the Life. Let Your living water flow over my soul, let Your Holy Spirit work in me and through me to bring Life to others, even those lost in a desert, wandering for years, looking for the promised land


Monday 7th January

Heavenly Father, thank You that You spent time on earth with us as Jesus, clearly demonstrating Your love for us, living the life of a servant, having given up Heaven
You spent three years with us, ministering and teaching, so that we would know without a doubt who Jesus was, the Son of God. Having done everything You asked of Him His final act was one of Sacrifice, allowing Himself to be accused, tried, and condemned to die, to die on a cross, crucified, thus paying the price for all sin, including mine, so that as I come to You now, today, I do not stand condemned but set free by His blood
His death in my place means that death has lost its sting and my future is now secure, eternal life waits. But, for now, I am here on earth and Jesus has done what He said He would do in sending the Holy Spirit to live in us, a guarantee, signed, sealed, and delivered. Time is of the essence as there is so much to do 
Jesus said the fields are ripe for harvest, that one person sows and another one reaps. Father, may we see a great harvest of souls! We plough the fields and scatter the Good Seed on the land, but it is fed and watered by God's almighty hand. This harvest is different, the grain harvest demonstrates how seed is planted, is nurtured, fed, and watered and when the time is right is harvested

The seed planted in people's hearts has been nurtured, fed and watered by Your Spirit and is ready to be harvested. Send us out to bring home a crop, even where we did not sow, souls reaching up to You. Thank You


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