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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 17/02/2019

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 17th February


Lord Jesus, You said "If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear".  I have to assume that You weren't talking about physical ears but spiritual ears, ears that want to know and understand about Truth, about Life, about the Way to the Father
Michael Card wrote a song which begins with words "To hear with my heart, to see with my soul, to be guided by a hand I cannot hold, to trust in a way that I cannot see, that's what faith must be".  It fascinates me that ear is in the word heart
I know that often we say "In one ear and out the other" sometimes followed by the comment that there was nothing in between to stop it! A sort of no-brainer, nothing sticks. And yet we would also say that if an answer was obvious then it is a no-brainer
However, when we use the ears You were taking about, then with our spiritual ears we can take things to heart, that short distance from the head, the brain, to the heart, where we can mull things over, ponder on them, focus on them, talk to You about them and listen some more
Heavenly Father, help me to take things to heart, the things You talk about, the Word You have given. If I take You at Your Word, then I must take You to heart, I must take Jesus and Your Holy Spirit to heart. Help me to take Your love to heart, let it affect me, change me, change what I am, my being and from there my doing. Let me see with my soul, through Your eyes, let me be guided by Your hand, Your yoke is easy, Your burden light, and to trust in Your Way, even if I cannot see it. Thank You

Saturday 16th February

Holy Spirit, thank You for all that You are doing at the moment. Someone, somewhere, many people, everywhere, will be meeting with You and receiving from You the gifts that You want them to have
For some this may be a first meeting and they will be accepting Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, the start of a new relationship. For some it will be a renewing of a relationship that has been neglected or forgotten, a fresh start. For others it will be a regular, daily occurrence, as they walk with Jesus every day and it is a "Good morning" after a night's sleep
In every situation, and there will be too many to count, Jesus will be glorified as You reveal to us what He wants us to know, understand and experience. Rather than scratch the surface You will lift the lid to show us how much the Father loves us, how much Jesus has done for us and how You want to minister to us and through us
When we receive a gift often it is wrapped so we have to unwrap it and, if necessary, take the lid off the box to see what is inside; all is revealed. A gift is to be used, not left in the box or put away in a drawer or cupboard. Thank You for the gifts You have given each of us, each one to develop our faith and understanding, to build Your church, to draw people to Jesus, to help us to show the Father's love, to shine Your glorious Light into a dark world
Thank You for Your cloak of righteousness, Your armour, Your map to show us the Way, Your Word to show us the Truth, Your recipe for a good Life, and Salvation


Friday 15th February

Heavenly Father, I know that it is possible to fine-tune an engine, but I have no idea how to do it. I also know it is possible to fine-tune a violin, and even before the advent of electronic tuners, I tuned many violins simply by listening carefully and feeling the vibrations synchronise so I knew the instrument was ready to play.  Once a violin is fine-tuned it can play many fine tunes, in the hands of a good player, but no matter how finely tuned unless the player listens carefully and feels the vibrations of every note the sound can be less than pleasing, to say the least
Father, this got me to thinking, how do I fine tune my life? How do I get my days to live in harmony with You and those around me? In the greatest music there is discord, but usually there is resolution; in my life there may be clashes of personality, different opinions and priorities, likes and dislikes, with other people and I guess with You too
Somehow, I need to find the resolution so that once again I can live in harmony. If I get the notes in the wrong order, I get the wrong tune. If I get the letters in the wrong order, live can become evil, or vile or veil. Evil is in devil, God is in good
A favourite tune, song "Father God I wonder how I managed to exist without You...?" I stop there, because I hear an answer, "You don't exist without Me".  Many a good tune is played on an old fiddle, and I am never too old to learn. Father, help me to keep listening, feeling, so I am fine-tuned by Jesus, in unison with the One Son


Thursday 14th February

Heavenly Father, I sometimes find myself asking myself "What's the rush?" as people pass me while out walking round the village or in the corridor at work. I guess there are people to see and things to do and time is of the essence.  Time is of the essence? That is a strange phrase; the essence of what?  
I find that this is a legal term often used in contracts talking about completion dates and clauses about costs for overdue delivery. I suppose there are many people who have obligations to complete by certain times and dates
I wonder if time is of the essence in my relationship with You? You have given me time to consider the essential things in life, the essence, what gives life it's value. Time to think through, to ponder, to evaluate what makes life worth living
I had it in my mind this last day or so that I haven't noticed if a hearse has a tow-bar; I doubt if they do, after all we are not taking anything with us when we go. I know I spent much of my working life meeting deadlines and putting in the extra hours to make sure I met those deadlines.  Dead lines? "I'll get this finished if it kills me!" Unfortunately, the stress often does lead an early exit
Father, help me today to take time to find the essence of what You say is important in my life. To look for the beauty, the kindness, the friendship, the love that You have surrounded me with. To spend time in Your presence, resting, not rushing away, not running a race but enjoying a slow walk with Jesus. Thank You for the time being


Wednesday 13th February

Heavenly Father, I think most men and women would agree that we love power tools. Whether it is an electric drill, a circular saw, a sander, a food mixer, vacuum cleaner, or a leaf-sucker-upper in the garden, whatever the tool, it makes life not only easier, but dare I say it? more fun!
We also have power tools in our Christian toolkit and, although they may not always make life easier, they do, again, dare I say it? they make life more fun!
"Why not easier?" I find myself asking. And "Why more fun?" I suppose not easier because the challenge before us is not always visible and there is an enemy trying to disrupt and destroy our work. However, without Your power tools the task before us is impossible
What are Your power tools?  Faith, hope, and love, and the greatest of these is love; not always easy, but without love we will achieve nothing. Prayer, a powerful and effective weapon in the words of a righteous person, but not always easy; we need Your righteousness, always, as we can never trust in our own
Your Word, we need every word that comes from Your mouth as every God-breathed word is useful to us, for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness, equipping us for every good work
And the fun? What can be better than seeing a life transformed? Seeing an international rescue? (Thunderbirds are go!) Father, unless we are go, using the right tools, we will miss out on the rescue. Fill me with faith, hope and love, help me to pray and trust Your Word, to use Your Power Tools


Tuesday 12th February

Heavenly Father, forgive me for the somewhat harsh criticism of some people when I prayed yesterday. I know I am just as guilty of praying thoughtlessly, as evidenced yesterday, even coming out of a service unable to remember what I have prayed, ("Did we do the Lord's Prayer today?"), or indeed what I have heard preached ("What was the sermon about?" "Err...")
I know there are many liturgical prayers which are stunning, beautiful, and obviously heartfelt. If there are people who pray liturgy without thought or faith then that is Your concern, not mine. You tell me not to judge others so that I will not be judged
I am sure that Matthew 15:8 can be applied to me as much as any man or woman as I am quite certain there are days when I honour You with my lips but my heart is far from You. Do my words, my thoughts, my actions always glorify You? I don't think so, in fact I know so; "If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us"
Thank You that when I confess my sin You are faithful and just, forgive me and purify me from all unrighteousness. Lord Jesus, when Peter asked you about John's future You pretty well told him to mind his own business, "What is that to you? You must follow me"
If I had faith to move mountains, (which I don't), but not love, then I am nothing; even if I could cast out demons (which I can't), I should be thankful that my name is in Your Book of Life. Holy Spirit, help me to keep my eyes on Jesus, not others, and leave everything else to You. Thank You


Monday 11th February

Heavenly Father, I have no doubt that there are literally billions of prayers arriving in your inbox right at this very moment, in every language and from every nation on earth
Some will not even be in words, they will be in groans and tears, desperate, hoping for a miracle and seemingly unanswered as they watch a life slip away or a situation worsen
Some will be liturgical, recited because today is such-and-such a day before Lent, possibly by people paid to be in service in great cathedrals, who don't even believe You exist and can't wait to escape back to their own lives following their own plans, comfortable, untroubled by the God who pays their wages, perhaps laughing inside because they see You as a fool, even though they don't believe in You
Lord Jesus, I know You had to deal with both sides of this prayer-coin, where the desperate came to You, their only hope, their last hope, seeking an answer to their need, after a lifetime of blindness or infirmity, bleeding for 12 years, possessed by demons. But also, the religious leaders of the day, the Scribes and Pharisees demanding a miracle but with murder in their hearts and minds, laughing
I know which prayer requests You answered as You restored sight, lifted up the cripple, felt power leave You to stop the bleeding and sent demons packing, even into a herd of pigs
Holy Spirit, thank You for being here, listening, taking on board my prayer, but please, answer the desperate pleas of the moans, groans and tears. You have work to do elsewhere


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