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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 28/04/2019

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 28th April


Ebberbley Barber, Aye dot uh a toab (translation into English from Bunged-up: Heavenly Father, I've got a cold).  Father, it is a fact that a few microbes can make our whole body ache, our nose run, and our head feel like it has a tight band round it, we cough and sneeze and our speech becomes indistinct.  Thank You that, generally, we recover quite quickly because You have placed within us the antibodies to fight the virus
You tell us that the church is the body of Christ and that when one part suffers we all suffer. Often we carry on as usual when we have a cold, and perhaps when something happens to the body of Christ we carry on as normal, as if nothing has happened
Father, I am aware of the suffering in Sri Lanka, not those who died and have gone to be with Jesus in Paradise, but those left behind, those suffering through injury and those who are grieving for lost family and friends, but generally I am carrying on as normal; am I missing something?
I know it is not my job to take on the problems of the world, I cannot carry that burden, and also I do not have the skills, talents, influence, or finances to do anything of real significance...
I think You just told me to stop there! I do have influence? How? Because I know the Son of God and through Jesus, by His Holy Spirit within me I can pray and ask for the impossible?
Lord Jesus, You told Your disciples to ask for anything in Your Name and Your Father in Heaven will do it. Lord, bring comfort and peace to all those suffering in Sri Lanka. Done?

Saturday 27th April

Heavenly Father, thank You for asking me questions! I wondered why You do because You know everything, even every word I am going to say before it leaves my lips. I doubt very much if I am going to reveal anything new to You, something that You simply hadn't thought of!
Then I realised, perhaps You prompted a thought in me, You ask me questions, not for Your benefit but for mine. Every time You ask me a question I start to think, looking for answers, reading my Bible, looking at hymns and songs, listening for Your voice which may (will?) give me guidance
Even lines from poems and songs I don't know that will stir up in me, causing me to go and search. I am quite convinced that many secular songs (and I wonder if anything is actually secular!?) contain thoughts and themes which really reflect Your love and Your glory. One I just looked up - Bryan Adams:

"Look into my eyes - you will see
 What you mean to me
 Search your heart, search your soul
 And when you find me there, you'll search no more

 Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
 You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
 You know it's true;
  everything I do, I do it for you"

Lord Jesus, born in a stable, refugee, carpenter, miracle worker, suffering in silence, Son of God leaving Heaven to walk the earth; accused, condemned, bound, pierced for our sin, hung out on a cross, nailed there to die; a spear in Your side, dead, buried in a borrowed tomb. Then... Raised to New Life. You say "Everything I do, I do it for you".  For me, for us. Incredible!

Friday 26th April

Heavenly Father, I remember when I was a child I would sometimes put my name onto something that belonged to me and add my address, sometimes adding greater detail beyond the house number and street; the housing estate, the town, the county, the postcode, England, Great Britain, the United Kingdom, Europe, Northern Hemisphere, the World, the Milky Way, the Universe

It was as if I had a desire to make sure that I could be found from anywhere in the whole of creation.  Satellite technology means that my position on earth can be pinpointed by my phone and my satnav, even telling me which direction I am travelling and the precise speed
You know me! You know exactly where I am and everything I do, You have always known, even from before I was born
You know when I rise and when I sit, my coming in and my going out, the thoughts in my head, what I will say even before I say it
You rejoice over me with singing, You have my name engraved on the palms of Your hands and a white stone with a new name on it known only to You ready to give me, the one who receives it
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain. Even though I am a speck on the planet, in the universe, You know me, inside and out. You know everything that has chipped away at me, twisted me, warped me, distorted me, corrupted me but You still know me, even though I am unrecognisable from what and who I should be
Thank You Jesus for finding me and working to restore me, redeeming me, right where I am. Thank You


Thursday 25th April

Heavenly Father, it seems that even when Jesus was in the boat with the disciples, it did not mean that life would be plain sailing, in fact, while Jesus was there, a great storm blew up so the disciples feared for their lives and cried out that they were going drown; it was a real test of their faith, which I guess they both passed and failed at the same time!
Lord Jesus, they failed because they feared for their lives even though You were there, and they passed because they turned to You in faith expecting You to do something, and then failed again when they were surprised that You calmed the storm!
There are struggles in life, of that there can be no doubt; we sometimes say that there is no gain without pain. The Bible tells me that the testing of my faith produces perseverance and that we should glory in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance character; and character, hope
Why do people need to climb mountains? I suppose the usual answer is "because they are there!" While it is true that many people travel across the world to climb Mount Everest or K2, most of us have a mountain right in front of us without having to go anywhere, just facing the day is a mountain to climb. You tell us not to worry about tomorrow because today will have enough trouble of its own
Thank You that You are in the boat when I set sail, You are on the mountain that stands before me. You may calm the storm, cast the mountain in the sea, but whatever happens You are with me


Wednesday 24th April

Heavenly Father, there are some days, too many days I guess, when it feels as if there is a malaise over the region where I live, more than an apathy, a spiritual malaise
I wonder if I am supposed to be bringing more to the table; more might, more power? I know the answer to this is a resounding "No!" I have no might or power to bring anyway! (Interesting word, resounding, re-sounding, again and again, echoing, bouncing back?) I have read it again, and again "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit" says the Lord Almighty
This feeling causes me to cry out to You "Where are You then? You want to do this by Your Spirit, so no one can boast? So where are You? Why are people still lost? I want to say that this is simply not good enough, even, not God-enough!" We are saved by grace, through faith - and this is not from ourselves, it is a gift from You - not by works, so no one can boast
You must want people to live in this area, live eternal lives, in this area, much more than I do; it is the reason Jesus came to the earth. It cannot be for everywhere except here! It cannot be for everyone except us!
Lord, if this is a wasteland, a valley of dry bones, then speak to the bones, breathe breath into them so they will live. If we have sinned against You, forgive us our sins; again it is why Jesus came. Only knowing You, knowing Jesus, makes any sense of this world. Fulfil Your promise, bring us out of our graves where we are dead in our sins, put Your Spirit in us so we can live in the land


Tuesday 23rd April

Heavenly Father, there seem to be some days when it is so hard to hear Your voice. Seeking Your face seems so difficult, almost impossible, but I know You are there somewhere, hidden from me
I know that the Good Shepherd has to go and seek the lost sheep, the one that has wandered away, and leaves the other 99 on the hillside, so I wonder if You are busy elsewhere? Paris? Sri Lanka? I know You would not risk losing the other 99 so I must be safe where I am.  However I miss Your presence
Perhaps Your message to the disciples to wait in Jerusalem for Your return applies to me today? Perhaps I am the sheep who has wandered off and You are looking for me right now? I know You are the Good Shepherd and that Your promise is that You will not lose one of Your sheep
Holy Spirit, You know me, You know where I am
Lord Jesus, You are my Shepherd, I shall not want. You lead me to green pastures. You lead me by quiet waters and refresh my soul. Even though it may seem I am in the shadow of the valley of death You are with me and evil will not touch me. Your rod and staff will guide me and keep me on the right path, even if my enemies surround me. I will not be afraid for You are with me and feed me. I am sure Your goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord, in Your house, forever
Where can I go from Your Spirit? There is nowhere that is hidden from You. You are back!? You never left me. Thank You Good Shepherd of my soul for keeping me safe, always


Monday 22nd April


Heavenly Father, I was about to pray "If Jesus were alive today..." when I remembered that He is!


So, instead, Lord Jesus, I wonder what You would find if we went for a walk today to visit some churches. I am sure it would be quite a revelation. I wonder what You would say to the people we might meet. I am sure You would know everything about each one of them and would know exactly what they needed and what to say to them


There may be places where You would say "These people honour me with their lips but their hearts are far from me".  To some individuals You might say "I never knew you. Away from me you evildoers!"  To others I know You would bring healing and deliverance and to some say "Get up and walk"
I wonder what You would say to the people in Paris? "I know where you were when the fire started in Notre Dame..."
I wonder what You would say to Your people in Sri Lanka? "I know where you were when the bombs went off"
To those who are alive in their faith and worshipping You might say "Well done, good and faithful servant. Come and share your Master's happiness"
Some may go away sad because of their wealth as they cannot serve both God and money. I know You would have compassion on the poor, the bereaved, the lonely, the destitute. I know demons would flee as You approached and people would be set free from all sorts of addictions. Perhaps dry bones will be brought to Life!

Lord Jesus, as I walk with You today reveal what You want to say and do. May I be a witness to Your revelation




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