Sticks for Stumps 

free cricket-themed mission resources



2019 is a special year for England and Wales. For the first time in 20 years, the Cricket World Cup is coming home! 

Running sports activities is a great way of building trust and rapport with children and families in your local community.

To take advantage of this summer's Cricket World Cup, Scripture Union has developed Sticks for Stumps to help you to engage with your community

STICK FOR STUMPS 2019BDownload their free Sticks for Stumps resources for loads of great ideas and tips for sharing the good news of Jesus through cricket

Whether you’ve got loads of experience in reaching out to children and young people or absolutely none, and whether your church is large or small, urban or rural, Sticks for Stumps will have a cricket-themed mission idea that works for you

Sticks for stumps includes:

  • Ideas for quick to run and easy-to-set-up activities (that don't require you to be a cricket expert)

  • Ideas for a range of settings – schools, church hall, beach or park

  • Cricket-themed church services and assemblies

  • Downloadable videos to help you bring faith into the conversation 


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