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The Rockin' Rev May 2019

ROCKIN REVas published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


Sometimes we don't know why something is good until it's pointed out to us. For example, all road vehicles are fitted with tyres and the major tyre companies spend millions of pounds each year on research and development.
ROCKIN REV 05-2019AToday's tyres have between 19 and 25 different components. But what makes a good tyre? Obviously, a good tyre is round. A good tyre will be hard-wearing, last a long time because of the particular rubber compound that it's made from. A good tyre will perform well in wet conditions. It will have a groove pattern that channels water through the grooves. Like the bow of a ship, a well-designed tyre will cut through the water, allowing the rubber to make contact with the road, preventing the car from aquaplaning. A good tyre is a vehicle's most important safety feature.
Christians today are often ridiculed. Many people in our increasingly secular society have written the church off as no-good, irrelevant, and out of touch. But those who believe in the church and belong to a church would argue that the church is relevant to their lives and that's what makes it good.
No church is perfect and there are valid reasons why belonging to a church is no longer seen as trendy. But here are my fifteen reasons why belonging to a church is good.
ROCKIN REV 05-2019BBelonging to a church will:

  1. help you to realise that God is good

  2. connect you with other people

  3. give you a chance to consider the claims of Jesus Christ

  4. take you on a journey of discovery

  5. cause you to reflect on gratitude

  6. encourage you to be generous and forgiving

  7. allow you to feel reverence

  8. convince you that commitment matters

  9. open up resources when life is difficult

  10. will give you the opportunity to look beyond yourself

  11. will challenge you to reorder your priorities

  12. will instil you with a moral seriousness in a trivialized culture

  13. will give you space to discuss life's ultimate questions

  14. will promote joy and stability in your life.

  15. will help you realise the value of faith, hope and love

Sometimes we don't know why something is good until it's pointed out to us

Rev Brian Hall
Vicar, St Andrew’s Church

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