Gorleston Gal’s Community News May 2019 

GORLESTON GALGorleston Gal, Melanie Ruse reports
as published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine

It's heartwarming when you hear of individuals doing things for their community and when companies step up to the mark and help. Recently McDonald's community team did a thorough litter pick all the way down the Riverside to the Harbour. Mark Routledge organised it - his dad, Richard Routledge is well known for his community work. I believe when habits are learned when you are young they stick' (Thanks Mum & Dadl)
If you know of a company or individual we can celebrate, please phone 07714763521 or email:

GORLESTON GAL 05-2019AAviva Grant News

At the beginning of April, 125 Litter picking kits for teenagers and children were received from the (almost) £5,000 grant the Gorleston Community Beach Clean received from Aviva. Here I am with Peter Kirkpatrick, my fellow organiser inspecting our haul.
Benefits have been immediate. As part of an environmental  awareness project for the Gorleston Community Beach Clean, 70 pupils of Cliff Park Ormiston Academy, produced 100 decorated stones. These were scattered around the beach as a fun game for children and adults to find on the April 21st Beach Clean. Aviva grant money contributed towards the stones and the Marina Bay Cafe sponsored 140 pens. The project is about raising awareness of environmental issues as well as litter picking and we are well under way.
GORLESTON GAL 05-2019BSchools that are interested in having equipment are Cliff Park OA, Ormiston Herman and Ormiston Venture Academies and Stradbroke Primary. The equipment will be used for projects from gaining the Duke of Edinburgh Award to providing something to do in lunch breaks for younger pupils. The 2nd Gorleston Scouts also helped decorate stones and want to use the litter picking equipment to achieve their environmental badges. The Gorleston Army Cadets will also be able to use them to gain awards. Both Scouts and Cadets will put them to good use to clean up after camping activities.
I was able to achieve a better deal than I first thought and I am talking to GYBC and the Gorleston Seafront Traders to see what we can do to use the money to educate people not to litter in the first place. We have lots of ideas and are getting lots of positive feedback from regular users of the beach.

Tia's Treasures

GORLESTON GAL 05-2019CLast year we told the story of Tia who has collected for charity since she was 6. Now 14, her baby brother has severe epilepsy and she has been fund raising for an alarm and to raise Epilepsy Awareness. She ran an event at her school to raise money for a new alarm for Toby recently. The company that supplies them, PulseGuard, heard about her charity work and are gifting a new alarm to keep Toby safe and help his Mum get some well-deserved sleep. This means the money raised can now help another child. What a lovely thing to hear

If you know a child who needs an epilepsy monitor you can contact Tia's Treasure or find information about how to donate via


Adopting at the Doggy Diner


I heard about a lovely idea from Angie Girling when I popped in with my 2 pups. There are lots of dogs that don't shine in a kennel environment when people are looking to adopt one. Other dogs may be prettier, more enthusiastic or confident. There's always the plainer, quieter one that gets overlooked. The one that may have the most loving nature but doesn't think it will be wanted as they have seen too many people pass by.

On the last Sunday of each month between 2 and 4pm, dogs needing a home will come to the Diner so that they can be seen in a more home-like environment and settle on the sofa or in an armchair for a bit of love.

This is Thomas, a rescued one-eyed Cavalier. He is one of the sweetest most loving little chaps you could meet