There are No Ordinary People 


Tracing the story of Barnabas, a largely overlooked character who contributed so much to the life of the early church, the evening will call you to live the everyday life in a beautiful way.  Barnabas is a tremendous example of generosity, encouragement, believing the best, volunteering, and being a practical servant in the church. His life also teaches us important lessons about maintaining unity and navigating conflict

About Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas is an international author, speaker, and broadcaster. His passion is to equip the church with biblical, practical bible teaching, marked by vulnerability and humour.  He has been privileged to address many conferences and churches worldwide
He holds a pastoral teaching position at Timberline Church in Fort Collins, Colorado and is a regular contributor to Premier Radio and the UK Magazine Premier Christianity. Jeff is a best selling author of 26 books, and writes daily Bible reading notes with CWR, "Lucas on Life Every Day"