"These things take time" - Yarmouth clock stuck for two years strikes again 

30th May 2019

Daniel Hickey, Great Yarmouth Mercury, reports

GY MINSTER daniel hickey

The clock on St Nicholas' Church in Great Yarmouth that was stuck for two years on midday, or midnight, is ticking again. Picture: Daniel Hickey

After an £11,000 restoration the timepiece on the tower of Great Yarmouth Minster, the largest parish church in the country, now chimes every hour across the town

Rev Canon Simon Ward said that he had been keen to get the clock fixed because it had not worked since he moved to the church in 2017

Some months before his arrival "pesky pigeons" had flown into the mechanism and done "significant damage" he said

"I always felt it didn't give a positive message about the church, where people in the marketplace would look up to see the clock was not working" the canon said

He added that it was important that residents and visitors did not have to look at "things that are broken and things that don't work"

A year ago the clock was removed by Norwich horologists Michlmayr and Co, who specialise in the preservation and repair of timepieces

"A lot of work needed doing to the clock" Canon Ward said

"These things take time"

The clock has been ticking again for the past fortnight

"It sounds fantastic, I'd never heard it" Canon Ward said

"People have commented that it's great to see the clock working again

"It seems to be working fine, it keeps reasonable time