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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 18/08/2019

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 18th August

Heavenly Father, there are many places on the earth which are deserts, parched areas where there is no rain, very little grows, and very few creatures live there. The blazing heat of the sun scorches the earth making it hard, cracked and infertile or it turns the area into hot sand
Lord Jesus, it was into this type of area the Spirit led You to be tempted. After forty days You were hungry and the enemy tempted You, telling You to turn stones to bread. It must have been hard to resist, but You did. The enemy then told You to throw Yourself off a mountain to prove Yourself the Son of God but You refused. The enemy then offered You all the kingdoms of the earth if You bowed down and worshipped him but again You refused
Food to eat when You were starving, proof of Your position as the Son of God and the whole world at Your feet, thus avoiding the agony of the cross, but You refused them all and instead went to the cross to be crucified instead of me
Father, many people, me included, have times when it feels like they are in a desert, a wasteland and fall to the temptations placed before them. It is understandable, an easy way out, but it is not Your Way. Jesus showed us the Way, He is the Way
Lord, give me strength to resist temptations, even in the desert. I know that when rain comes there is an abundance of vegetation waiting to spring up. Give me patience so I wait for Your rain. Better is one day in Your House than a thousand elsewhere. Holy Spirit help those in a desert today; send rain. Thank You

* A desert when the rain comes... ZJtZyTGyb5U 

Saturday 17th August

Heavenly Father, thank You that Jesus walked the earth just over 2,000 years ago. It is such a long time since He was here but He is still remembered and worshipped every day by millions of people
Thank You Jesus did not die and then be forgotten but that You have given us Your Word in written form so we can read every day about Your plan for our Salvation
Thank You that Jesus fulfilled His promise in sending the Holy Spirit to travel with us and in us as a physical and spiritual reminder; He said "When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father - the Spirit of Truth who goes out from the Father - He will testify about Me"
Thank You Holy Spirit for testifying to us every day about Jesus
Thank You Spirit of Truth for guiding us into all truth, for not speaking on Your own, but only speaking what You hear from Jesus and the Father, for glorifying Jesus by making known what is spoken to You
All that the Father has, has been given to Jesus and then made known to us
Holy Spirit, make me a channel of Your peace, the peace that transcends all understanding. When meeting people today flow through me like a river, through the channel You have created so others can be touched by You, so others can receive from You what Jesus and the Father choose to make known
Your Word is powerfully effective. Your Word opens up the hearts and minds of those who are seeking the Truth so they can hear and believe that Jesus has come in the flesh to the glory of the Father. Flow Spirit, flow. Thank You


Friday 16th August

Heavenly Father, thank You that every day the Post Office sends out men and women to deliver letters and parcels to the addresses which have been written by the senders. In the same way, Your Way, the Holy Spirit will be sent out today to deliver Your letter, Your Word, to those You have chosen to receive deliverance today
Thank You that we can join in the 'Apostle' service, Your Postal Service, by bringing names before You asking that people we know may receive the Word from You. We know from scripture that sometimes the enemy tries to delay delivery; an angel told Daniel that he was sent as soon as You heard his prayer but was delayed twenty-one days by 'the prince of Persia' and then the angel was helped by Michael, a prince angel and the message was delivered
Perhaps there has already been twenty-one days delay, or more, but You are answering our prayers, even before we speak, and, like the Post Office, You are at work even while we sleep!
Father, gives us the Word we need, the words You have given that will see deliverance today. Your Word is alive and active and never comes back empty; Your Word always achieves what You send it to do. Give us wisdom and understanding, knowledge beyond our own learning, so that we are not confused by the enemy, even if he masquerades as an 'angel of light'. Help us to discern the spirit at work and if it is not from You to send it away by the power of Your Holy Spirit alive in us. May our prayers be stamped with Your seal of authority. Thank You for employing us!


Thursday 15th August

Heavenly Father, in warfare it is quite common for the enemy to use propaganda to confuse and demoralise the opponent. Another tactic is to send false information about the place of the enemy. One more tactic is to surround or blockade the enemy so no food, water or essential equipment can be delivered
Thank You that Your Word tells us so we are not unaware of his schemes. The enemy is satan, his propaganda is that he is not the enemy at all but that You, our loving Heavenly Father, either does not exist or that You are a tyrant who issues commands that stop us from having fun; not true!
You have existed from the beginning, You love us and Your commands are the guidance we need to have a full and prosperous life. False information that we can find happiness through drugs, alcohol, and sex and that without these things we are being denied the path to joy; what a liar! These things, used properly, at the right time and place, may help us; drugs prescribed by a doctor to aid our health, a little wine at a party Jesus didn't seem to mind and sex in a loving marriage relationship is a gift from You
Where is the enemy? Waiting to accuse us as soon as we slip, he is no friend! You lift us up when we fall. His blockade? Trying to stop us praying, or feeding on Your Word or meeting together; You are our food and drink, help us to break through every day to meet You in prayer, in fellowship. We are the Resistance, fully armed; we submit to You, our God, resist the devil and he must flee. Thank You Lord


Wednesday 14th August

Heavenly Father, we are often told that only time will tell. When we pray I have also heard that there are three possible answers, yes, no, and not yet
I know that You do not ride roughshod over people and that You do not impose Your will upon us, so when there are difficult situations with two or more people involved who want different things sometimes we have to wait for the best outcome. If someone has hardened their heart it may take many years until a solution is found. I suppose only time will tell
Perhaps this is why Jesus was born at the time He was? All the right people were in place, a woman prepared to be obedient and accept the Son of God in her womb, a man prepared to be father to a son who was not his own, men prepared to give up fishing, tax collecting, terrorist activity, to follow a new calling, a man who was prepared to step out and baptise the Son of God, and men who were so full of themselves, who knew the scriptures but were not prepared to come to the very One those scriptures talked about
Jesus, on the cross, dying for the sins of the world, crying out to a God who seemed to have forsaken Him. Jesus, dead and buried. For the disciples, only time will tell. Yes? No? Not yet?
Time did tell! Jesus, resurrected! The Holy Spirit is here, time HAS told. Jesus will return. Time WILL tell
Father, You are dealing with the whole world; the sins of the whole world. Your will WILL be done; time WILL tell of the glory of Christ, Risen Saviour. Thank You for Your saving grace. I will tell


Tuesday 13th August

Heavenly Father, thank You for the patience You have with me which stems from the love You have for me. Your Word tells me "God is love"
Love is Your very essence;
Love is Your nature;
Love is Your character;
Love is Your being;
Love is Your motivation;
Love is Your root from which everything stems and flowers
Your love is strong;
Your love is deep, deeper than I can begin to imagine;
Your love is Jesus, Your Son sent as a Saviour;
Your love took Jesus into the desert to be tempted by satan;
Your love took Jesus to the cross to be tortured and sacrificed as an atonement for sin, my sin was upon the cross because of Your love;
Your love touches me through Your Holy Spirit;
Your love cannot be any greater nor any smaller as Your love is perfect;
Your love forgives me when I take a wrong step, guiding me back to the right path;
Your love is with me in the morning, noon and evening;
Your love is with me throughout the darkness of the night, guarding me, guarding my heart, my mind and my body;
Your love was there before I was born, even before creation You knew me and loved me;
Your love has followed me all the days of my life;
Your love has gone ahead of me and waited for me, waiting for the day I would say "I love You too", the day I would know You as my Father and my God
Thank You for loving me so much that You were prepared to die in my place so that I might live, so that I do live today, Your Spirit within me and will live beyond the grave because Your love is eternal. Amazing love. Thank You


Monday 12th August

Heavenly Father, It is a sign of my mathematical genius that I managed to spend yesterday praying to You about a compass when I was actually taking about a protractor! Hopefully You knew what I meant, if You didn't then we are all in trouble as You design and create everything!
Seriously though, I am sorry that I didn't pay enough attention to the detail; I have heard it said that "the devil is in the detail", meaning it is where mistakes are made. However, the Truth is that You are in the details and it is why it is important to correct even the smallest error; as I was saying yesterday, even one degree out takes us away from the line we should be following, and in terms of following You we can end up far away, off track
I know that You forgive me. I suppose this calls into question whether or not I listen to You when I pray, or am I only interested in saying what I want to say? Do I simply use You as a sounding board for my own ideas? Am I just trying to be clever and funny and failing miserably on both counts? Prayer should be the most important conversation I have and in it I should be seeking Your face and looking for the Truth, Jesus
Thank You that You are always working for my good, even in my errors. Hopefully Jesus, my compass, will keep me on the right path and my protractor will be a thorn in my flesh reminding me of my own fallibility. Your grace is sufficient for us; when we are weak, then we are strong. Thank You for Your loving, gentle correction


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