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The Rockin' Rev September 2019


Although I lived in the East Midlands until moving to Gorleston, I never knew anything about Toddbrook Reservoir. The reservoir opened in 1838 and it is situated above Whaley Bridge, a small town in the High Peak District of Derbyshire
The reservoir provides habitat for herons, ducks, and a variety of other animals and fish. Also rare mosses and liverworts grow on its shores, particularly short-lived species that grow on seasonally exposed mud. The reservoir is also used for sailing and angling. It is fed from a stream named Todd Brook. Water enters the reservoir on its north bank through a small waterfall. The reservoir's dam is built largely from earth with a core of puddle clay
At the time of writing, the 1,500 residents of Whaley Bridge had been evacuated. The Environment Agency had issued a 'danger to life' warning in the area after concrete slabs on the dam’s spillway partially collapsed. Amid Met Office warnings of further thunderstorms, work to prevent a damaged dam from bursting continued. Pumps had been deployed to prevent water from overflowing and to reduce pressure on the dam. An RAF Chinook helicopter had been brought in to drop 400 tonnes of aggregate around the damaged area to help support the spillway
The harsh reality is that unless the wall of the dam at Toddbrook reservoir is fixed it will collapse and flood the small town of Whaley Bridge


ROCKIN REV 09-2019AIn every crisis we search for solutions. Human beings seem to have a natural instinct to solve problems. We are great at fixing things. If something is broken, we try to repair it. If something stops working we attempt to get it working again. In light of this, most homes will have some basic tools to fix the things that go wrong: a hammer, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, wire cutters, a set of spanners, a utility knife, etc


When it comes to our lives we all know that things aren’t always what they should be. If we are inclined to try and solve our perceived problems we might draw on the ‘tools’ of will power and determination in order to do right and avoid wrong, or to eliminate unhealthy choices and embrace healthy choices. It makes sense and it sounds easy until we try. That’s when we discover that things seem to conspire against our best efforts
ROCKIN REV 09-2019CYou and I will not be the first or the last to ponder this tricky human conundrum. Saint Paul gave voice to it when he wrote “I do not understand what I do; for I don't do what I would like to do, but instead I do what I hate”. Exasperated by his own shortcomings, he then wrote “What an unhappy man I am! Who will ROCKIN REV 09-2019Drescue me from this body that is taking me to death? Thanks be to God, who does this through our Lord Jesus Christ!” (Romans 7:15, 24-25). Human beings are great at fixing things. But according to the Christian viewpoint there are some things that only God can fix


Rev Brian Hall
Vicar, St Andrew’s Church


as published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


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Derek Mill 07/09/2019 06:30
Thanks Brian, and thank God for His caring repairing.