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ENYFC update for October 2019 

We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

Registered Charity Number 1118022


 "Come to me all who are weary and heavily burdened and l will give you rest"
Matthew 11 v 28


CHARTER ACADEMYEvery Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during term-time Amilcar and Ali join the pupils in the dining hall at Charter Academy, the only high school in the town. We sit with them and chat about their day, lessons, life, relationships, hardships, joys and Jesus. We invite them to come to our Youth Café after school on Thursdays. Please pray that the conversations we have will be honouring to God and lead the young people to know Him and His love

ENYFC OFFICE 10-2019On Tuesdays after school we are available at the Office to welcome any young people for conversation, fruit and drinks. This is a really popular safe place for them to enjoy time with us and their friends without having to spend money or get taunted by other young people. Please thank God for this facility. Pray that the young people will know Jesus' love through us and that the conversations here will lead the young people into a relationship with God

THEOS 06-2018THEOS is our very, very basic Bible study on Wednesdays after school. 6 regular young people attend, although the school is now holding drama production rehearsals after school on Wednesdays which means that we have one young person for an hour until the others arrive for the second hour. There are often some really good questions here. Please pray that the young people will not just want to know the RIGHT answer but will want to know the man in the centre of it all — Jesus


YOUTH CAFE 10-2019Every Thursday after school during term time, 6 volunteers join us to set up our Youth Cafe at the Salvation Army with games equipment, craft, fruit and drinks to engage with 20+ young people as they interact with the activities and continue the conversations from lunchtimes with Ali and Amilcar in the school. Please thank God for the relationships we're building here and pray that the young people will know God as their good and perfect Father. We were really encouraged to welcome Norwich's Bishop Graham and The Minster's Rev Simon Ward, along with their colleagues Barbara and Joanna, to the Youth Cafe last Thursday. They had the full experience of 24 young people chilling out and spending time just enjoying being in a safe place with heir friends at the Salvation Army building. There were some very open and honest conversations about what it's like for the young people to live in the town

TRUSTEES: By 31st December 2019 we will be down to the bare minimum, because 2 are stepping down after 13 years and 9 years dedication. Please role which He wants you to fulfil. Don't be fearful of asking questions — it won't commit you to anything but might inspire you that it's not the arduous task you might imagine it to be. Perhaps try it out for a year?

MONEY: Thank you so much for your generosity. We have had contributions of £930 since our summer update went out. This will be a massive help to take the young people on our residential in February 2020

STATS: Our monthly income is made up of:
23 individuals giving between £5 and £100 per month            = £770 per month
2 churches giving different amounts                                         = £137 per month
Gift Aid brings a monthly average                                             = £120 per month
                                                                                                       £1027 per month
Our monthly expenditure is:
Events (Café, Office and Theos)                                                 = - £146 per month
Salary, pension, employers tax                                                  = - £1070 per month
Office rent, electricity, water, phones, insurance etc               = - £661 per month
As you can see, the deficit is £850.00 per month

These figures do not include any annual extras like Christmas Gig, Spring Weekend, summer camps

At the moment we are spending the legacy we received in 2014, however, we are expecting that will be used by early Spring 2020

Please pray that the funding bids Richard and Stuart have been working on are successful and that God will continue to provide finances, as He always has


TESTIMONIES: During the summer holidays, at a WEC+ session a Year 11 girl *Carrie who has been a regular at our residentials and events over the years, finally became a Christian — Hallelujah! Since then we have not seen her at anything. We often find this; that as soon as they make a step towards Jesus, they're distracted by boyfriends/girlfriends/family issues or school commitments. So please keep praying for them — this is what makes the difference; when God's power is released into their lives. Please pray that she will come back and that she will continue her journey with Him

At THEOS last month we were discussing Jesus' command to "Follow me and I will help you to catch people" as we study Matthew's gospel. 4 of the young people were thoroughly engaged and asking some great questions. However, 2 of the Year 8s were in the corner doing a jigsaw and were whispering and giggling between themselves. It got to a point where they started to disrupt those who were trying to learn but we sensed Holy Spirit was doing something so we let them stay. At the end of the session Amilcar and Ali prayed with them as a group and got these two youngsters to sit in the group and be respectfully quiet. At the end of the prayer Ali noticed that one of them was crying so the others left and Ali was able to ask what was wrong. The 12 year old said, through her tears "I had a pain in my chest and it was really, really bad". Ali asked if it had gone and the girl (*Emmeline) said "Yes it went when you stopped praying" Ali asked if she could pray for *Emmeline again so that the pain wouldn't come back. *Emmeline agreed and as Ali was praying *Emmeline lifted her head, opened her eyes and said "All my sadness has goner She was really surprised! Ali was able to explain to her how Jesus had connected with her through the prayer and had taken the pain and sadness away. She is from a very difficult home life with lots of mental health difficulties in the family, so please pray for freedom for her and a new life with Jesus



This event is happening next year — it's based around our Spring Weekend but bigger and involving more youth groups, not just Youth for Christ centres. We have a meeting with the leaders on Thursday 3rd October. Please pray for clarity and unity in our vision as this event changes and grows


Please pray for WEC+ on 6th and 20th of the month — that the young people will come and know Jesus more; that they won't be distracted but will be enthusiastic for a life with Him

Pray for the trustees meeting on 8th — for wisdom for recruiting and vision for the future


During the half term we will be running a football tournament at the school for any high school aged young people. We haven't engaged with many of those keen on sports yet so we are looking forward to this event, from which we can invite the young people to the café, office and our residentials. Please pray for safety and an enjoyable day on Tuesday 22nd October. Thank God for those boys Amilcar is engaging with and pray that we will be able to share Jesus with them. Pray that Amilcar will be encouraged by the turn-out for this event


We will, again be joining with MAP in their "Young@Arts" festival on Wednesday 23rd October. There will be lots of energetic and creative activities for the young people to participate in all around the town centre in many different venues. Thank God for Identity Youth Project joining with us in engaging with the young people of Gt Yarmouth today. Pray that the young people will be interested in hearing about Jesus



If God is prompting you, please get in touch or use the following details to donate. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship (East Norfolk Youth for Christ) if you'd like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ and post them to the office address at the bottom of this update. Thank you so much to those who consistently support us in this way. We are truly grateful for your generosity


Thank you for your support, as always and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us
Stuart Alison, Nigel, Richard and Matt (Trustees)


If you're not sure what we do and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we'd love to come and meet you



Our mailing address is:
East Norfolk Youth For Christ
No 4 Row 75
Howard Street South
Great Yarmouth
NR30 2PU