Lost Dreams 

Remembrance Day

Poem written by 9 year old Emily Harmon


Lost Dreams

Lost, sad faces look around
Whispering emotions but with no sound
Thumping hearts, too hurt to move
Wondering about people who they are yet to lose
Every gunshot too loud to not remember
A whole year, January to December
In the distance, there is a boat
You wished you was there, but a lump in your throat
Tells you “you must stay in line”
And you hope you will be fine!
Letters wrote by loved ones
Everyone hopes that the time has come
For them to go home and retire from shooting guns
You try to catch it but emotion runs...
Dreams come and then they go
If they had a choice, they would say no
To fighting, not staying home
And weakening their limp bones
Raindrops twirling like ballerinas
“We need the fighters, not the dreamers!”
That is what everyone would say
But they will always be that way...
Dreaming soldiers, but they’re awake
Something amazing, we will make
An Army! And we fight for our country’s sake!

as published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine