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East Norfolk Youth for Christ update October 2020 


We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus
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Dear East Norfolk Youth for Christ Supporters and Prayer 'warriors'
We apologise for the delay in this newsletter, however with the challenge of lockdown , our wonderful Lord has been very active!

Times of change are often hard for us, however the last 6 months have been time to reflect on where we have come from are now and where the Lord wants East Norfolk Youth For Christ to go in the future

We have been blessed with Amilcar agreeing to become full time from September , and carry the vision alongside the trustees ,since Alison has stepped down after so many years of service

The main points being that the work will be moving out from the office into the local churches ,so in the future our young people can be found families of God for the long term . This has been made easier due to the fact that all groups have not met since March in the office

This has also made us consider the cost of the office versus how much we are using it

It was decided to give notice on the office as it would not be good stewardship to pay out on the office when money is needed for other things the Lord has planned for His young people.  As a result of this we have a new postal address, this can be found at the bottom of the page

Below is a message from Amilcar so you have some pointers to pray for him as a new season of work starts

This leaves us to thank you for your support

Nigel, Jemma, and Matt 
East Norfolk Youth For Christ Trustees

We have been active in the midst of this uncertain time

Covid-19 forced us all to come up with new ways to engaging with others and continuing the ministry where possible

Unsurprisingly, we had to go online too. After a few weeks familiarising ourselves with social media platforms, we finally went live in the beginning of May

As well as doing our Wednesday Bible studies via video conference, we have had active engagement on our Theos Facebook

The young people took on our hot chocolate challenge - who can make the best hot chocolate? I (Amilcar) am a bit embarrassed to admit that, despite all my week in week out practice, their hot chocolates made mine look like an amateur attempt

The summer break arrived, the slowing down due to covid-19 has been good to evaluate everything we have been doing

We really have been doing lots of amazing things. I am so thankful for everything that has been set up. This coming season we are looking at building a more robust partnership with local churches. We are looking forward to working alongside with our local churches in the mission of giving the young people the opportunity to respond the good news of Jesus Christ and ultimately see more young people's lives changed by Jesus

As we stopped our weekly Bible studies for summer break, a young person expressed interest in joining a local church's youth Bible study. Praise the Lord!

A little bit about Amilcar

Amilcar was born in Guinea-Bissau, grew up in Portugal but has made Great Yarmouth home for the last thirteen years now. He chose to stay in the town because he saw the challenge and saw how Jesus can transform people's lives and the town. His passion is to see people's lives transformed by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our mailing address is:
E.N Youth For Christ
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