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Pathway Café & Resource Centre

27th October 2020
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A Cafe and Resource  Centre offering food, support and signposting for the vulnerable, lonely, displaced, and  homeless within our community

This is what I believed Pathway was, when enthusiastically accepting my new role as Pathway manager. I am keen to make a difference, passionate to help those in need and ambitiously optimistic about the contribution I can make to help Pathway thrive and move forwards. Pathway is exactly what I initially believed it to be. But, in my first three short weeks there, I have come to the swift realisation that it is so much more than that
PATHWAY CAFE 10-2018CFor the customers we serve, it’s somewhat of a lighthouse. A port in the storm.  A light in the dark. Three days a week, we are able to provide them with a consistent, reliable haven in an otherwise uncertain world. Guiding them back to solid ground on the shore. I cannot underestimate the value of what I believe Pathway gives them, both tangible and intangible
For our volunteers, Pathway is a family to be proud to be a part of. The comradery, teamwork, dedication and commitment that every volunteer at Pathway has, makes it a wonderful place for me to be. We offer them the opportunity to give to the community and make a visible difference to the town we live in
I have been overwhelmed by the generosity we receive in donations and support from a vast array of people, from a broad spectrum of sources. Pathway would not be able to provide the provisions we do without these and I continue to be humbled by the ongoing contributions we continuously receive
Barbara Rowe created a legacy that I am very conscious and respectful of. As soon as I set foot in the Minister Mission I felt the passion, love and dedication that she had for Pathway. Every single person that I have spoken to in connection to Pathway has glowing highly complimentary endorsements of her hard work and accomplishments. I am very aware that I have huge boots to fill and I am determined, dedicated and optimistic that I will be able to take Pathway forwards and continue to nurture the charity that she created. I hope my Christian values, selfless approach and positive attitude are my keys to success
Jennifer King
Centre Manager

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also published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


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