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29th November 2020
PSALM 23 PGR pixabay

Peter Gray-Read paraphrases and shares his thoughts on Psalm 23

Yahweh – and no one else - is my shepherd:  I acknowledge / receive / accept / claim Him as my Shepherd
[David could have meditated…]  I am a Shepherd – I take Him as my Shepherd [therefore] I shall not want… [any good thing]
I know my sheep need green pasture and water – So if I follow Him He will lead me to the food I need – but not just physical food but spiritual food and water and fellowship that restores my soul from the battering it sustains at times in the world.  Sheep must follow the shepherd – that means moving on from sometimes familiar locations, keeping close. He knows what’s coming
I trust Him also to cause me to hunger and thirst for the food and water that will sustain me and make me grow.  Hunger is a sign of health and the desire to grow and thrive.  HE will not give me ‘junk food’ or fake food, He is a good shepherd.  Sometimes he makes me lie down – I can rest and listen to His words and see his ways and chill together
My Shepherd will lead me in right paths where I can be of use… encouraging other sheep, helping out and representing the shepherd so all can see that this way is good
There are perils on the journey, but we know that our shepherd can keep us.  We don’t fear any power to harm us or trap us.  HE has a rod of power and authority and knows when to use it.  Don’t mess with him
He prepares a table before me… in the presence of my enemies.  I had not seen this before but I believe we can see this as ‘the Lord’s table’ - the communion table… he has prepared his body and His blood: the good Shepherd lays down His life for His sheep
Our Shepherd has gone! 
We no longer see him with the natural eye.  But He has still gone before us to prepare a place where we can be with him for ever.
As we look up, we see him by faith… and as we walk in faith, we know Yahweh’s goodness and mercy will follow us all the days of our life
Wouldn’t it be easier if goodness and mercy went ahead of us?  Yes, but HE is the pioneer of our faith now He commands us to Go into all the world and what did he give us…  ‘thou annointest my head with oil’ – we have the Holy Spirit to guide and ‘comfort’ us – may not always be comfortable!  

We [our cup] must always be overflowing so that others may be blessed around us and we don’t run dry ourselves… apparently they have found 'cups' tethered to ancient wells in Israel that were used to water the sheep

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