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The Rockin' Rev December 2020


 Unless you’re a major shareholder in Amazon or Zoom, 2020 is unlikely to go down as anyone’s favourite year. The coronavirus pandemic has made life harder, less certain, and more fearful
Despite drastic measures introduced by the government that have confined us to our homes and prevented us from social contact, the number of Covid-19 related deaths in the UK has risen to over 50,000
Times are difficult and in difficult times we look for hope – something to hold on to, something to look forward to, something or someone to assure us that things will get better

ROCKIN' REV 12-2020 
Hope is a source of strength and encouragement. When we are trapped in a tunnel of uncertainty, hope points to the light at the end of the tunnel. When we are discouraged, hope lifts our spirits. When we are tempted to give up, hope keeps us going. When we are forced to sit back and wait, hope gives us patience. When we say our final farewell to someone, hope gets us through our grief
Christmas celebrations will be very different this year. churches that usually see a seasonal increase in attendance at services will only be able to accommodate a restricted number of people in order to comply with guidance on social distancing. And there is, of course, the possibility that some church buildings might not be open at all
Yes, Christmas celebrations will be very different this year, but the story of Christmas is still the same – it’s still the story of a little town called Bethlehem; it’s still the story of Mary and Joseph; it’s still the story of an innkeeper who had no room for the travel-weary couple; it’s still the story about the birth of a savior who was given the name Jesus; it’s still the story of angels appearing to shepherds with good news of great joy; it’s still the story of the Magi, the wise-men, who travelled such a great distance to worship Mary’s child and present him with their gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh
This Christmas of all Christmases, we’re desperately in need of hope. The story of the first Christmas is the most hope-filled story ever told, a story of hope driving out fear, of light shining in the darkness; of God preparing to remake this world into one without sickness, pain, grief, or death

Whatever the circumstances this Christmas, let yourself be surprised by hope

Rev Brian Hall

Vicar, St Andrew’s Church


also published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


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