Look Forward with Self-Belief 

Pat Stringer
Reader ,Great Yarmouth Team Ministry

How time moves on here we are travelling through the days of Lent.  Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of his ‘Road Map bringing us to seasons of hope’, we must look forward with self-belief, thanking God that the end of lockdown is in sight.  May we be filled with confidence about how we live our lives and encouraged to take each step with caution so that we may return to ‘normality’
As we journey through Lent may the good news bring with it joy and celebration after a very difficult period of time.  Let us pray to the Lord for his help and protection that we may be filled with His love as we gradually meet and make contact with family and friends in the confidence of the safety that is filling people as the wonderful vaccination programme expands daily


You are the wind in our sails,
You guide us as we steer and find direction
You give us the strength to keep on going,
You watch over us as we navigate stormy seas,
You are the harbour where we stop for rest,
You are our encourager when we lose hope
You are the lighthouse that keeps our path safe
You are with us always
Thank you