Rev Arthur William Bowles RIP 

ARTHUR BOWLES28th February 2021

Arthur was licenced as an assistant curate in the Parish of Great Yarmouth and it is here that he served for over twenty years.  For many years his ministry was centred on St John’s church, but as this parish has always functioned as a team he was greatly involved in the parish as a whole.  There are a large number of families who remember Arthur conducting funerals for them, baptising babies and conducting weddings.  Outside the parish, Arthur was involved in sports chaplaincy; work with local sports club, Norwich City Football Club, and more recently to Great Yarmouth Town Football club
Arthur led a full life with involvement in many groups and with many interests, we must remember that he was a family man married to Margaret and with a son and daughter, he was a grandfather and a great grandfather much to his delight.  He will be greatly missed by all his family as well as all his many friends and colleagues