Living in Love and Faith

LIVING IN LOVE + FAITH1st March 2021

You may (or may not!) have heard about the Church of England’s new initiative ‘Living in Love and Faith’. We, as a Church local, national, and global, are thinking about how questions about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage fit within the bigger picture of the good news of Jesus Christ. What does it mean to live in love and faith together as a Church?
Our Diocese held a morning for people to find out more about the process and the resources and support which are available. We heard a lot about how we can create a culture where we can talk lovingly and fruitfully with people with whom we disagree - something which has not always happened in the past, and needs to be nurtured in all areas of Church life
Some reflections on the morning:

“I was really encouraged by the number of people taking part from across the diocese. I was pleased to see strong representation from the Parish, and also from the Deanery. I was especially pleased to see people whose ‘churchmanship’ was different to mine”
“I was touched by the generosity of people in listening to, and respecting, others’ stories”
“It was useful to see that it will be possible to have ‘difficult conversations’ in a respectful and caring manner”
“Hearing from those who have worked for years on these resources, it is clear that during that process they have grown in their faith and their sense of belonging to the body of Christ, something I would want for every Christian”
“The video clips showed all sorts of loving and caring relationships. In particular I was interested to hear the young man who had chosen celibacy and found that the quality of his friendships had deepened”
“Most important to me, it revealed the importance of genuine relationships at every level including life-long partners, friendships and acquaintances”

There is a (rather large) book, which is available for free online, or to buy, and there are lots of other resources, including videos, articles, and podcasts. We will be having conversations about ‘Living in Love and Faith’ in our parish at some point. In the meantime do have a look at the resources - the product of engagement and listening from across the gloriously diverse spectrum of experience and belief in the Church of England (If you are not online, please contact Mother Helen who will be happy to make some resources available to you in an accessible format 07902 447 821)


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