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From Rev Helen Lynch June 2021


June is the month of Midsummer, a turning point in the year, as we build up to the longest day. This year June will be a turning point in a new way, as we (potentially) come to the end of COVID restrictions. Of course we will still need to remember our hands - face - space as our younger folk wait for their vaccinations, but we are on the way. I wonder where we are on our way to though?
We have spent months and months in anticipation of so many things which we haven’t been able to do safely. No doubt it will be a slow and steady unrolling of things, very different from the sharp shock of the first lockdown
Some things which we took for granted seem very strange - especially for those of us who had been shielding. I must admit some things I don’t miss much at all! Other things are still a way off. It feels important, though, to give some thought as we make progress through this next stage together. As a community, as well as individually, we would miss a great opportunity if we were not to learn from the past two years, and to build upon what we have learnt 
FAITH JOURNEYWe often talk about a journey of faith, and I do believe Christians should be journeying together in faith. As we follow the Good Shepherd, we can’t always stay in the same pasture. As we journey on some things will be familiar, some things will be scary, and some things will be exciting. Along the way we need to pray together, rejoice together, mourn together, bringing our whole selves to worship, and letting our faith impact our whole lives
As we navigate the next stage, let’s do all those things, working together to nurture one another, and to build a faith community which is infused with the knowledge and love of God. Who knows where that might lead!   
Mother Helen

also published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


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