News from the Mag September 2021

MATTHEW PRICE 04-2021Reverend Matthew Price
Vicar, St Mary Magdalene Church, Gorleston

Art has been put front and central in our community these last few weeks, with the extraordinary news that world renown street artist, Banksy, has been in town on a ‘spraycation’. His pieces of art, including those on Gorleston sea front, have certainly been talking points and meant that our town has made national news
Whether or not you’re a fan of Banksy’s particular expression of art, it is a reminder that there is within us all a desire – we might even say need – to be creative. As a Christian, I believe that aspect of our characters comes from the fact that we are made in the image of a God who is himself creative. So, to express our creative side is part of what it means to be human, made in the likeness of our creator
At St Mary Magdalene church this summer, we have provided an opportunity for families to do just that together
MAG NEWS 09-2021For three Wednesday afternoons, our FAM programme, in partnership with the arts organization Freshly Greated, has enabled a number of families to gather for an hour of activities followed by enjoying a meal together. The focus of the activities was to create a community mural which reflected something of the story of the Peterhouse Hoard, when 118 items from the late Bronze Age were unearthed as Peterhouse Junior school was built in the 1950s. The activities were wonderfully facilitated by Polly Ward from the Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth

In all the creative arts, whether in drama, dance, music, art, or photography we can express something of our story, indeed our history, and our personalities, just as our creator has done in making us and the world we live in
If you would like to find out more about what happens at St Mary Magdalene Church, drop me a line at or call the Vicarage on 01493 494248


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