Convention to celebrate centenary of the Lowestoft Revival

James RobsonLowestoft Living Word, an annual conference which takes place next week, will celebrate the centenary of the 1921 Lowestoft Revival.  The conference takes place over three evenings, 19-21 October at 7.30pm at Christ Church on Whapload Road in Lowestoft. Rev Matthew Price reports
Each evening, part of the story of revival will be retold and celebrated in advance of the main Bible talks which this year will be given by James Robson (photo right) looking at book of Nehemiah.  James is currently the Ministry Director of Keswick Ministries, having previously been involved in the training of church leaders for nearly 20 years, helping with their formation and teaching them the Old Testament.  He taught for 10 years at Oak Hill College, and then for seven years at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, where he was also on the leadership team
Rev Jon Carter, minister of Christ Church Lowestoft and a member of the conference’s organising committee, said “Christ Church is excited to be hosting Lowestoft Living Word again this year - especially as we mark 100 years since the Lowestoft Revival and when this conference began.  I'm personally looking forward to seeing how lessons from the Nehemiah of rebuilding after crisis speak into coming out of COVID”
James Robson said, “I don't know how you plan for the future… but we all change what we do in the present ready for the future.  In the book of Nehemiah, God’s people are thinking about how to be ready to live in God’s holy city which is being rebuilt by Nehemiah.  And that’s the question we’re going to be thinking about too - how can we be ready to live in God’s city”
Tom Fenning, Pastor of Beccles Baptist Church and another member of the organising committee, added “not only will we hear God’s word taught each evening, there will also be refreshments and an excellent bookstall provided by  Come and join us!”
In addition to the three evening meetings there will also be a church leaders’ event at 10.30am (coffee available from 10am) at Christ Church on Thursday 21st October.  At this event, James Robson will be speaking on the relationship between leadership and character
All the details of the conference and additional updates can be found on the Facebook page at

The evening sessions will also be streamed live on the YouTube channel which can be found at
 picture of James Robson, main speaker for Lowestoft Living Word 2021



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