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Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 07/11/2021

Derek Mill
Worship Leader, All Saints Church, Belton


Sunday 7th November


Heavenly Father, I posed the question yesterday whether we had to forgive You for anything? I know You are perfect, the only God, sinless and completely innocent of any wrongdoing
Jesus is exactly the same: "He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in His mouth... We do not have high priest who is unable to empathise with our weaknesses, but we have One who has been tempted in every way, just as we are - but He did not sin"
All sin is as a result of the fall of man, explained in Genesis. We die, because the wages of sin is death. We have been rescued from death by Jesus, the perfect, sinless Lamb of God
When a child is abducted and abused it is the action of a human being. We may wonder why You did not prevent it, but must always remember that the guilty party is the human being who perpetrated the crime. However, there may be some feelings of hurt and anger that remain, aimed at You, our loving Heavenly Father, even though You did nothing wrong
Father, what does a person do with those feelings? You are a God of grace, compassionate, and full of mercy. You take all our guilt and shame and clothe us in righteousness. Are You so gracious You allow me to forgive You, our sinless God even though You have done nothing wrong?
You allowed Jesus to be punished even though He had done nothing wrong. Jesus took our pain and bore our suffering; He was pierced for our transgressions; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him. Such love. Such grace. Thank You
songs for today:
God of Grace
Jesus, Lover Of My Soul
Lord, I come to You – Power of Your Love

Saturday 6th November

Heavenly Father, I can understand why I need to forgive others as it sets me free, stops a bitter root growing in my heart, but do I also need to forgive You? And to forgive myself?
What might I need to forgive You for? Giving other people freedom of choice? I can understand You giving 'nice people, like me' freedom of choice, but evil people? I know I am not really, truly good, or nice; I am just ordinary. But there are evil people who continually carry out sinful acts, horrific acts, and it is hard to understand why You allow it, but if it helps me, and helps You I forgive You for allowing it
It feels really strange offering to forgive You. If there are other things I need to forgive You for, sickness, disease, death, then I forgive You, unconditionally, if possible?
Why do I need to forgive myself? What do I need to forgive myself for? I know I have done things that have hurt other people, and in the process have hurt myself too. I have made poor choices, bad choices, do I need to forgive myself for this? Sometimes the only person who was hurt was me. Perhaps when I have 'cut off my nose to spite my face' I need to forgive myself
Thank You that You took all my sin and shame on the cross, so I am forgiven by You, but I also need to forgive myself. Any unforgiveness produces a root of bitterness in my heart which is destructive in my life so I forgive others, I forgive You, and I forgive myself. Help me to trust You and pull up every root of unforgiveness so it withers and dies. Thank You
songs for today:
God forgave my sin – Freely, Freely
You Say
Voice of Truth


Friday 5th November

Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us choice. Sometimes we may feel like we are a victim of our circumstances or our upbringing, but You have given us the ability to choose, the gift of choice
There may have been hard times or difficult circumstances, but they do not define who we are, You do! There may have been toxic words spoken over us, about us, to us, but they do not need to haunt us because we can choose to reject them and believe and trust what You say instead
Giving us freedom to choose means that no one should have control over our lives; even You do not control us, although You have every right as our Creator. You guide us and advise us. Yes, You have given us commandments, but still we can choose whether to be obedient or not
Father, help me, by Your Spirit, to reject every false word ever spoken over me, about me or to me. Help me to trust in You and what You say about me
You say that You love me and I believe You
You say I am not condemned and I believe You
You say that everything I ever did that was wrong has been forgiven and I believe You
You say that all my debts were paid for on the cross and I believe You
Thank You that whatever trials come, whatever mountains there are to climb, You will be with me. Instead of fear I choose faith. Instead of despair I choose hope. Instead of sorrow I choose joy
Thank You for the hope that burns within my heart, that gives me strength for every passing day. Jesus, above all else I choose You
songs for today:
Whatever Comes
Mercies (New Every Morning)
There is a Hope


Thursday 4th November

Heavenly Father, thank You for visits! It is wonderful when friends call by unexpectedly to sit and chat over a cuppa or a meal. It is especially so when family come for a planned stay, a few days or a week!
It is so good to spend time with friends or family, talking with them and getting to know all about what has been happening in their lives, as well as telling them what has been going on in mine. I find that I am always telling others about visitors, saying what my family have achieved and how their lives are progressing, how many children they have and what they are getting up to
Sometimes there are opportunities to give a helping hand or a gift to bless them. Getting a room ready, preparing a meal is always such a joy. And it so good to know that the love and care we show them comes back to us, multiplied. Nothing is too much trouble
And Lord Jesus, this is exactly what life is like with You! You came to visit, just over two thousand years ago. You sat and talked with us, ate with us, spent time with us, seeing how we were getting on. You told us about Your Kingdom, and how it was expanding. You invited us in! Now You have come to live with us permanently, to be in our lives daily
Holy Spirit, thank You for coming to visit, not only to visit but to stay forever. Each day I can get to know You better as You explain life to me through the Bible
Thank You that I can tell others about You. It is so exciting to live my life with You, the God who loves me, whom I love
songs for today:
I Love You Lord
What heart could hold (Holy)


Wednesday 3rd November

Heavenly Father, thank You for Your grace! Your Word tells us, "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith - and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God - not by works, so that no one can boast"
Without Your grace, without Jesus, I would still be floundering, lost, and far away from You. It is entirely by grace that I am saved. It is only by grace that I can meet with You today
Songs so often remind us of the Truth found in Your Word. "Only by grace can we enter, only by grace can we stand; not by our human endeavour, but by the blood of the Lamb. Into Your presence You call us, You call us to come. Into Your presence You draw us, and now by Your grace we come"
In order to enter Your presence we have the 'blood test'! It is not what I do which allows me passage! The song reminds us, "Lord, if You mark our transgressions, who would stand? Thanks to Your grace we are cleansed by the blood of the Lamb". Your love for us is so deep that You came into the world to find us and save us
I have no gifts to give You which will save me. I have no power that will save me. I have no wisdom that will save me. All I have is Jesus, His death and resurrection
Another song reflects Your grace: "Why should I gain from His reward? I cannot give an answer; but this I know with all my heart, His wounds have paid my ransom". Amazing grace, that saved a wretch like me! You gave Your only Son to make a wretch Your treasure!
Thank You Jesus, my faith, my trust is in You alone
songs for today:
Only By Grace Can We Enter
How Deep The Father's Love For Us
Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)
O Perfect Father


Tuesday 2nd November

Heavenly Father, one of the procedures that is quite common these days is a blood test. Another procedure that many people have experienced is the vaccine jab into the blood stream to combat Covid-19
There are four main blood types, A, B, AB, and O; each group can be either RhD positive or RhD negative, which means in total there are 8 main blood groups. Our blood group is determined by the genes we inherit from our parents. And within our blood and throughout our body is the DNA which is unique to each individual, but reflects our ancestry. It was the DNA which helped to identify the remains of Richard III a few years ago when discovered under a car park in Leicester
Your Word to us is so true! "For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well"
Thank You that You have provided us with a different blood test which does not depend on our ancestors but on Your Son, Jesus. Jesus said, "This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins"
Jesus was speaking over the wine at the Last Supper, our communion, but His blood would be spilt a few hours later, on the cross. "But now in Christ Jesus you who were once far away have been brought near by the blood of Christ"
Thank You that we now have a new blood group, You see us as group JC, covered by Your Son. It is why and how we come before You today
songs for today:
And Can It Be That I Should Gain?
Here Is Love, Vast As The Ocean


Monday 1st November

Heavenly Father, thank You for the excitement that was so apparent when Jesus walked the earth. The disciples never knew what to expect! We never know what Jesus might do today!
Lord Jesus, when You said to the disciples that You were getting up early to pray on the mountainside, I doubt if Peter, James, and John expected to see You transfigured. Did they expect to see the appearance of Your face changed and Your clothes to become as bright as a flash of lightning?
I am certain they didn't expect to see Moses and Elijah turn up in glorious splendour for a chat with You! The disciples never knew what to expect!
Water into wine, 5,000 fed, Lazarus raised, the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, demons are cast out, the storm calmed, a walk on water, lepers are cleansed!
When Mary went to the tomb on that Sunday after You had been crucified, dead and buried did she expect to meet You alive, and be told to go and tell the disciples?
When the disciples were in the upper room, the doors locked for fear of their lives did they expect You to appear among them?
Did Thomas expect to see You and touch Your hands and side a week later?
Did they expect the Holy Spirit to come as a wind blowing and tongues like fire to rest on them, to speak in other languages, 3,000 people to come to believe in You that day, to repent and be baptised?
Lord, I don't know what You might do today, but I am excited! May I just be there to witness anything You do. Thank You
songs for today:
Holy Spirit we welcome You
You Are Loved


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