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From the Vicarage November 2021

JEMMA SANDER-HEYS 05-2019Rev JemmaSander-Heys

Hello friends!
November is upon us, and as always, it feels to me like the month of memories... beginning with our annual memorial service for All Souls, and the festival of All Saints at the start of the month, we move from remembering departed loved ones, and inspiring Christians through the Church's history - onward via the fifth of November!- to Armistice Day on 11th and Remembrance Sunday, when we remember all those who died in service in the world wars
Coupled with the feelings of memory, the chill in the weather, and the nights drawing in ever further, November can feel like a melancholy month, if it weren't for the way it ends - in the start of Advent... looking ahead to remembering the coming of the Christchild - the incarnation of God with us, to save us and change all humankind. Advent is the start of the Church's year of worship, it is a whole season of looking ahead in anticipation... not just for the celebration of Christmas, but for beginning again to reflect on the whole history of salvation
So November isn't really a melancholy month of memory and mists, but a time of reflection that moves gradually to looking ahead with excitement and anticipation... What will God have in store for us over the course of the next year? and how can we grow closer to the all-encompassing, death-defying love of Christ, in a temporal world where we know we will so often experience change and loss... How can we work towards bringing about 'peace on earth, goodwill toward all humankind'? Let's use this November to learn from our place in time as we look back and look forward, and choose to walk with Christ in the 'now'
With every blessing
Revd Jemma

also published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


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