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She started going to church


I wonder when discipleship starts? For many of us, it may be hard to pinpoint where the process started. I wasn’t born in a Christian home but said yes to Jesus when I was 14. It came as a shock to most people, including myself! I’m not even sure I was totally aware of what I was signing up for; I just knew that I wanted to be a part of God’s family. 30 years later and although I know the day I said yes to Jesus, I’m still not totally sure when my discipleship process began. Did it happen after I made that first commitment in the subsequent bible studies and church services or did it even start in the many assemblies and clubs that I went to in the years preceding, before I even fully understood the gospel message?

I’ve thought about discipleship as a process many times and there’s no clear cut answer. But here is one thing I do know for certain

Discipleship can’t happen separately from church

Does that mean attendance on a Sunday morning? Well, not always and that would depend on the church anyway (plenty of churches meet at other times!). But I do think some sort of integration into a local church is integral if we want discipleship to happen. This is where community, sharing, giving, commitment, accountability and so much more is really put into action. And faith without action is dead

Which is why we are committed to reaching young people outside of the church with the intention of helping them find a living faith inside a church

So here’s some good news.
Last month, we started seeing a young person we have worked with over many years engaging with a local church.
They are not from a Christian background.
This is not a usual activity for them
They have been going regularly for a few weeks and they want to be there.
How amazing is that??

Would you like to hear more good news stories like that? Me too.
So I’m praying for more. I would love to invite you to our next prayer meeting on Thursday. If you haven’t clocked it yet, we are running prayer meetings on the first (in person) and third (online) Thursday of every month at 11am

That means next week (Thursday 3rd February) we are meeting together at 86 Middlemarket Road at 11am

On the 17th February we are gathering online using this link
(this will work in any internet browser)

As we start 2022, let’s keep praying for more young people to engage with God and the local church

As ever, thanks for all your support

Nick Blanch
East Norfolk Youth for Christ


picture courtesy of East Norfolk Youth for Christ



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