Easter sunrise gathering by Britannia Pier

Claire Hamilton-Deane reports


People gathered on the beach alongside Britannia Pier early on Easter Sunday morning to observe a beautiful sunrise. Photo credit: Claire Hamilton-Deane

Early on Easter Sunday Morning, 5.30 to be exact, a number of us met by the Britannia Pier in Great Yarmouth to witness the sunrise.  It was a lovely clear morning allowing us to fully admire the beauty of the sun appearing, bringing light to our shore and to consider just how wonderful, awesome, loving, and faithful our God is! 
We gathered to worship, rejoice, and remember Jesus’ resurrection which brings us bright hope for the future and freedom from sin.  It’s become my Easter Sunday tradition but it’s so much more than that, it’s a time to consciously recognise the power that raised Christ from the grave lives within me and places a responsibility upon me to share the good news of the Gospel to those living in darkness
With shops full of bunnies and chocolate eggs I wonder just how many people truly understand what Easter is all about