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Pray through May 


Last week Amilcar was in Great Yarmouth Academy (did we mention he is back in school?!) and during a lunch break a young person approached him and told Amilcar he had a dream about Jesus. When asked what he thought this could mean, the young person said that he believed he needed to make a decision about following Jesus. Wow!

I was amazed when Amilcar related this story back to me and thought to myself that this work of God surely must have something to do with the prayers of all our fantastic supporters!

It is therefore really frustrating that this week I have to cancel our Thursday prayer meeting as Amilcar is currently off work with Covid and I am unavailable. Please therefore do pray for Amilcar and his health, I am sure he will recover but often even those with good health can suffer tiredness for some time afterwards

Meanwhile a good thing to encourage is an initiative form national Youth for Christ; Pray Through May

Pray Through May is a month of collective prayer focused on specific areas of life for young people. Its purpose is to call the ministry of Youth for Christ and those with a similar heart in other organisations and the wider Church to lift young people to God in prayer, that they might discover the fullness of life that Jesus offers. Sign up for daily videos and prayer prompts on their website here:

To join in with this, we hope to have some further prayer meetings throughout the month but this will really depend on when Amilcar returns to work

Thanks again for continuing to stand with us

In Christ

Nick Blanch, Director, East Norfolk Youth for Christ