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In The Interregnum July 2022

SUZIE ELLISWhilst St Andrew's Church is in interregnum, this page will see a variety of authors from St Andrew's Church and the Diocese
This month we hear from the Rev Suzie Ellis, member of the ministry team at St Andrew's

St Andrew’s interregnum (being ‘in-between’ vicars) is now underway: and it’s been quite a challenging prospect. As a small child I was once taken to the Farnborough Air Show. I don’t remember much of what would have been a very full day; but I do vividly recall seeing one massive-looking aircraft starting up and heading down the runway. It didn’t look as if anything that big could possibly lift off; but, amid a lot of noisy roaring, it suddenly began to rise like a sort of monstrous bird .. and even circled round in the sky high over our heads
Starting this interregnum had something of the same feel. It’s a big event in the life of a church, often bringing a real sense of uncertainty about how we’ll manage it: will it work? Or are we going to crash? However at the time of writing, some ten days into the process, we do definitely seem to have got off the ground. By the time you read this we should have managed a fair few circles and even a proper flight or two
But of course big challenging events are likely to crop up in most, if not in all, of our lives; and when they do we probably all face similar anxieties ... wondering whether we’ll cope, crash or simply grind to a standstill! Having a supportive family or friends alongside can make a great difference. But so too does faith. Jesus Christ came to reveal God’s unending love for us, and calls us all to follow him on the way that leads to complete fullness of life. No matter how much we‘ve messed up previously, no matter how big any challenge appears to be, Jesus’ amazing promise to those who will trust and walk with him is that he will readily help us in all our difficulties and be always there with us in every circumstance, and in every need
We all make mistakes, have bad days and get things wrong. But God isn’t seeking perfection; rather he looks for our continual honest effort to keep living our lives with faith, love and kindness. When we truly set out to do that ... then our clumsy efforts, by God’s grace, will take off and go even further than we could ever imagine!


published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine


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