Great Times in Great Yarmouth

GBD 01-2018Aas published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


Rev Grant Bolton-Debbage

It is with both joy and sadness that I write my last article for the parish magazine. Great joy because I am moving forward into new pastures to discover more of God’s blessings in the wider world and sadness because, whilst moving on, I will miss seeing the friendly faces, hearing the encouraging words and laughing with good friends which I have met here
GBD 01-2018BI arrived almost three and a half years ago and I was overwhelmed by the welcome and the support at my ordination. A few months after arrival, I became chaplain to the local college now known as East Coast College and this has been a fruitful part of my ministry. It has been wonderful to see how the links between the college and the church have strengthened with the college’s growing commitment to supporting the Pathway Café!
GBD 01-2018CThe Pathway Café has also been a great eye-opener and a joy. The tough ministry for those who often have less than nothing and yet those same people often show the love of Christ in such a profound way to one another and those who seek to serve them. It is phenomenal. The Pathway singing group always manages to raise a smile, regardless as to what sort of day is being had
GBD 01-2018DThe funerals, the baptisms, the weddings, and the Sunday services – even the auctions, have all enabled me to grow into a priest that can now move onto a role with greater responsibility and for that I must say thank you! For you are the people who constantly take us in as curates, help us to grow and flourish and send us on our way. It is a ministry that should be celebrated and I really appreciate it
So where am I going?
Holy Trinity Sloane Square and St Saviour’s Upper Chelsea: in many ways, a very different parish. For a start it cannot boast a seaside or market chips!! However, despite its reputation as a wealthy parish, like all churches it has its challenge to witness faithfully to the gospel in its particular context and I am looking forward to how I will play my part within that. I will be assisting Revd Canon Nicholas Wheeler who has a wealth of experience and a diverse ministerial background. His previous parish to this was in the City of God in Rio de Janeiro!
As a Norfolk boy, I know that there will be a time that I will return to Norfolk, but until then, thank you for having me and thank you for praying for me. May God bless us all as we journey on
My service of welcome will be on Saturday 10th February at 4pm in Holy Trinity, Sloane Square and all are welcome!
Fr Grant

Hugh and Ann Sturzaker (Guest) 01/01/2018 18:17
A great farewell service at the Minster yesterday and an excellent sermon. All the best in London. Regretfully, we will be unable to make 10 February as we will be abroad.
Best wishes,
Ann and Hugh