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8th November 2020
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Revd Jemma Sander-Heys reflects on a wider consideration of remembrance


This week we have a chance to remember - but what shall we be remembering - the Gunpowder Plot, Two World Wars, countless human conflicts before or since? It is easy to misuse 'Remembrance' Day or Remembrance Sunday, as a time to forget our own complicity in human suffering, in conflict and violence... as we think only of named wars and the cost - sometimes close, sometimes distant to our own experience... it is perhaps a little easier to lay a wreath of flowers and think of noble young lives cut short, than it is to examine our own lives, and see where we too are inclined to make people our enemies and interact using violence, anger or oppression...
But it is in our own human hearts that the first battles of every war begin - and the work of Remembrance is to bring that knowledge home to us again, to remind us of the cost, before that conflict breaks beyond the bounds of our own hearts, and into the lives of others, of a community or a nation
... ...So 'Remembrance' is a time to reflect deeply on the cost of ALL human conflict, and to acknowledge the final cost of peace - to look to the Lord of our faith - Christ, who was delivered meekly into the hands of soldiers by his own community... and to decide that we must once again commit ourselves to work together, and to work hard, towards making peace... so that we do not deliver Christ the gentle stranger into the hands of violence

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walstan (Guest) 09/11/2020 07:04
let us strive to obey the first two commandments on which the whole law hangs