I don't want mediocre Christianity

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions
blaze 2014

I am open to You, my lover, my King. I welcome your light and Your depth of coming into my life. I surrender my imagery. Make me into Your intense passion. May my life blaze continuously before Your throne
I don't want mediocre Christianity. I want full on blaze. Total commitment total surrender. Complete absence of self. I want to shine like the sun for you, Jesus at any cost to myself
I give of myself to drink deeply of your loving kindness, provision. Smile: I want Your smile on my lips; Your smile in my eyes; Your laughter in my heart; Your touch on my hands. Through my fingertips and lips I want Your life to pour
Whisper to me Lord, in intimacy. Let me breathe Your breath. I pull down Your miraculous provision. I've tasted and seen that You ARE GOOD and I want more
May Your light shine fourth take control. I give you my rudder and my breaks. I give you my sympathy. I give You my fringes. I surrender to You my emotions. My sentimentality. My surety. My sighing. My crying. My dying. All. I lay it all down