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Network Yarmouth

support it or lose it!!! 

This stark reality is faced by a local Christian initiative:

Yarmouth Mercury Viewpoint column

our opportunity to get the Christian message out to the not-yet-Christian
The workforce for this has been halved but there are people in our community who can fill the gap
The more support this project has, the more it will flourish.  Without support it cannot survive
The Viewpoint column currently operates with the team setting up a list of contributors for a year ahead, contacting those proposed, and then, at the appropriate times, forwarding on to the Yarmouth Mercury and Network Yarmouth



Sounds simple, doesn’t it.  It is; but it does require much dedication and commitment.  The role can be quite challenging but there’s no doubt it is very rewarding

Are you one of those people?

If so, please contact Judith Edmonds at and she will be delighted to hear from you

Article printed from at 13:01 on 03 August 2020