Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: introduction part 4 

Peter Gray-Read BSc MSc

The final stage of protein formation is when the amino acid chain responds to the inter- and intramolecular forces between the chain and the water molecules and folds and coils itself into the final 3-D shape which allows it to function as a specific catalyst of a chemical reaction in the metabolism of the cell

DNA genomeWe all recognise that in the world’s terms ‘man’ is defined by his genetic code contained in the 2 billion base pairs in his DNA- genome - a scientific discovery of great value.  It is because this molecular code is common to the whole of the eukaryote cells of higher organisms, we are thereby seen as ‘one’ with apes and other animals.  Yes we have similar biochemistry and genetics, we can eat and digest plant and animal based food; but in fact the record of creation in the book of Genesis in the Bible shows man to be on a different level from the animals – specially fashioned by God for a unique relationship with himself. It is the purpose of the creator which is ‘key’ and it is the God-like and God-given capacity for spiritual life – faith, hope and love which sets us apart. SO in fact DNA is not our sole code for life.  The Christian / Biblical worldview stresses the priority of another code which IS our soul code.  This code which overlays the physical and follows different laws has been faithfully passed down the generations by meticulously recorded scriptures, by living example, by teaching and tradition and is accompanied by manifestations of life and supernatural power in the lives of those who believe.  SO as the DNA code sustains and expresses physical life, the Hebraic Bible code sustains spiritual life.  But both need a starting point

What I find intriguing are the parallels: 

In scripture – spiritual life

In vivo – cellular:    biological life

22 characters of the Hebrew alphabet

22 amino acids (aa)    

So by design

22 tRNA molecules

22 sections of Psalm 119

22 enzymes for coupling the aa to tRNA


22 families of mitochondrial tRNA

8 flavours of LAW in the psalm

8 varieties of information storage – cell LAW

22 sections of Psalm 119

22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes


The whole assembly and production process is driven by physical / chemical laws which dictate the forces causing the folding.  The cellular processes follow the genetic instructions precisely; mistakes or errors are very rare.  There is even provision for proteins to be unfolded and re-folded if they get ‘tied up’

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