Making the Right Move

CHESS GAMEpixabay22nd December 2018
Malcolm Edmonds
Member of Park Baptist Church

I enjoy playing online chess and have done since my retirement.  There have been occasions during the game when my opponent has been in a better position and it looked like I was heading for defeat; I have even offered him a draw, but he declined because he also felt he had the upper hand and a possible win was in sight. So we pressed on with the game, the endgame, suddenly he began to make the wrong moves which allowed me to take advantage, with patience the game had changed, I had the upper hand, my perseverance in the end paid off and I won the game
It is very important that we make to right moves as followers of Jesus, and there will be situations where we will have to check where our position is with the Lord, and the only way we can do this is by praying and listening to the Him, then doing His will. Having a relationship with Him only when we feel like it, may not move us in the right direction.  We know that once we take our focus off the Lord, Satan is ready to make his move
I have to admit, before I asked Jesus into my life, it took me 18 months of deliberating, but I am glad I eventually made the right move 18 years ago

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