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ENYFC update and prayer diary for May 2019 

We are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus

Registered Charity Number 1118022


  “I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure” 
(John 10 v 10 CJB)


CHARTER ACADEMYThe staff at Great Yarmouth Charter Academy have welcomed Amilcar and we are constantly grateful for God’s favour in the school. Even though we have only had a couple of lunch sessions so far this term we have already seen God’s perfect timing and beautiful provision – last Wednesday Amilcar had his first visit to the school and, as soon as the pupils started flooding into the dinner hall, he recognised a young lad from the Portuguese Community at Park Baptist Church. This lad has recently started coming to the church and as Amilcar chatted with him they realised that they were BOTH starting at the school on that day! What a blessing for both of them. Amilcar has been talking to him about coming to Spring Weekend next weekend so please pray that he can come as there are two other lads from his year at school also coming on the weekend


ENYFC 05-2019A
THEOS and WEC+ are valuable safe spaces for the young people to ask their questions about Jesus and His love for the world and for their families and friends who don’t know Him. As we continue to investigate who Jesus is at Theos, the four Year 11s, one Year 12 (college) and two Year 9s shared what they know about Jesus……


It was a massive encouragement for us and the young people to have Joy and Andy Clark from The Sense and Stance popping into the office as they were in the area for a couple of days, especially for the Year 11s who won’t be at Spring Weekend with them and won’t see them in school anymore


Then at the following session we watched some video clips of the crucifixion and resurrection and discussed what Easter means and why those events from 2000 years ago have such an impact on people today in 2019. We talked about the cost of the cross and the evidence for the resurrection as well as the love Jesus has for each of us individually



ENYFC 05-2019BThis was also the theme at the Youth Café. We only had 14 as the Easter fair was in town but we made the most of the group and the season, as we believe that God brings who He wants each week, to hear His Good News! We started with a quiz – 12 questions about the Easter events, where the young people won a mini egg for each correct answer

This then culminated in the challenge for a regular sized Easter egg if anyone wanted to go head to head with a leader for three last questions. Michael immediately volunteered and was up against Amilcar. Obviously Michael won, as the surprise was that the loser would have a forfeit: a raw egg smashed on his head. As Michael beamed from ear to ear, watching Amilcar assume the position surrounded by towels and protective floor covering, raw egg poised in his hand above Amilcar’s head, Ali stopped him at the last second and rescued Amilcar by taking the smashed egg herself, as a sacrifice for Amilcar

This caused much hilarity with the young people but when Ali then started to explain the message of Jesus’ sacrifice, love and new life, they fell silent listening to the challenge that every one of them actually has a decision to make one way or the other before it’s too late. Please continue to pray that they will make the decision to follow Him and have a revelation for themselves of His love for them

We are really grateful for the sacrifice of Claire Hamilton-Deane, Rosi Broad, and Nigel Parrott who have stepped in to help keep this group going when we’ve been short of volunteers. If you’d like to join the craziness please let us know – we’re a great team and the young people love their leaders!



Please continue to uphold the Trustees in prayer. We know that we need to expand the team as there are so many young people in the town we can’t reach because we just don’t have the workers, but whom we would love to impact for the Kingdom. We are currently discussing roles and job descriptions, in faith that God will provide the finances as he has so far, so please, if you are able to contribute towards another evangelist on the team, now is the time to contact us. We are continually grateful to those who have faithfully donated for so many years, thank you. Please pray for more workers and trustees to come and join the team


If God is prompting you, please get in touch or use the following details to donate. Our bank details are HSBC, 81452886, 40-22-34. We are registered with Stewardship (East Norfolk Youth for Christ) if you’d like to give anonymously or if you prefer to use cheques, please make them payable to East Norfolk Youth for Christ and post them to the office address at the bottom of this update



If you’re not sure what we do and would like us to visit your church (a service or PCC meeting or something else) to update you in person about the work of East Norfolk Youth for Christ, please get in touch, we’d love to come and meet you



ENYFC 05-2019CSpring Weekend is less than a week away and we are so excited! We are taking 14 young people (15 if the lad from paragraph 1 comes too!) to Eaton Vale on 3rd May to have a fun-filled weekend with North Breckland Youth for Christ and The Sense and Stance. There will be archery, rifle shooting, climbing, circus skills, and of course the legendary “Mix has talent” show!  
Thank you so much to those of you who have donated to pay for the young people who can’t afford the full price. Only 3 of those 15 have been before and 10 are unchurched young people, so we are expecting some great testimonies and revelation for them!
Please pray for health, for their relationships with each other, the North Breckland young people (they also have 14 coming, none having been before) and the leaders, particularly The Sense and Stance who will be leading sessions and activities about God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and Life in the Spirit. But mostly pray that they will come to a life-changing decision to follow Jesus and live life with Him to the fullest and most abundant!


Commitments for May 2019: 


Wednesday 1st       
Dinner Hall: Pray for the school as the tension mounts for the GCSE season. Please pray that the pupils and staff will balance the pressure with a healthy lifestyle and balanced view
Theos: Please pray for Amilcar as he leads this group without Ali. Pray that the young people will respond well to not having Ali around. Pray that they will open up to Amilcar and that the love of Jesus will “land” in their hearts
Thursday 2nd                 
Dinner Hall: Pray that Ali and Amilcar will see the young people who need to talk and will “see” the questions behind their conversations
Youth Café: Thank Him for Holy Spirit who enthused and inspired Ali as she spoke at the Easter session last week. Pray that the young people won’t pull out of Spring Weekend                                
Friday 3rd                         
SPRING WEEKEND: This is such an exciting opportunity to really get to know the young people. Please pray that they will bond quickly, that there won’t be any problems overnight with the dormitory sharing arrangements, that the atmosphere will be one of loving acceptance and peace
Saturday 4th                  
SPRING WEEKEND: Please pray for energy for the young people and leaders. Pray for good health for the Sense and Stance as they lead the sessions today, that God will speak clearly through them and the truth of Him and His saving grace will pierce the hearts of the young people and give them a revelation of His grace and mercy. Pray for the safety of the young people during the activities
Sunday 5th            
SPRING WEEKEND: Thank God for what He’s been up to in the hearts of the young people this weekend. As they look towards going home please pray for protection for them as they return to a spiritually different environment, that they will be bold with what they’ve learnt and experienced of Him and for courage to speak of His truth
Monday 6th           
Thank God for the rest the leaders are going to have today as it’s Bank Holiday. Pray for peace in their home environments so they can recuperate and enjoy the experiences they’ve had over the weekend hearing the Good News once more!
Tuesday 7th           
Dinner Hall: Please pray that those who went to Spring Weekend will talk openly about what they’ve heard and not be embarrassed in front of their friends
Open Office: Pray that the year 11s will talk openly about their struggles, but that when they hear good strategies for coping, they will take them on board and implement them
Wednesday 8th      
Dinner Hall: Thank God for the staff who confide in us about their home situations.  Pray for wisdom to know when to speak and when to listen.
Theos: Pray that the young people from Spring Weekend will take this opportunity to continue those conversations
Thursday 9th         
Dinner Hall: Thank God for His favour in the school. Thank Him for what the staff and pupils see of Him in us
Youth Café: Thank God for His provision of everything we need for this event. For the money to buy the refreshments, for the volunteers who give up their time, for the venue and equipment the Salvation Army allows us to use, for His protection, peace and grace
Friday 10th            
Please thank God for Amilcar – his passion and love for Jesus, young people and Great Yarmouth. Pray for another evangelist to work alongside him
Monday 13th           
Prayer Walk: As we prayer walk the school tonight please join us. We’d love to see you at the front entrance on Salisbury Road at 4.30pm
Tuesday 14th          
Dinner Hall: Pray for opportunities to pray for the pupils who are struggling with exam stress
Office: Thank God that He has provided this office for His people to enjoy. Thank Him for the money to pay the rent each quarter
Wednesday 15th     
Dinner Hall: Pray that the conversations will be fruitful today and that Holy Spirit will grow the seeds sown in these young people’s lives
Theos: Pray for Amilcar and Ali to keep this group relevant and intentional. Pray for breakthrough with the young people here
Thursday 16th        
Dinner Hall: Thank God for His love for the pupils, for His great sacrifice for all mankind
Youth Café: Pray for patience, love and grace for everyone; young people and leaders. Pray for opportunities to pray with youngsters and be Jesus’ light in their worlds
Friday 17th                       
Please thank God for the finances He has always provided and pray for people who He’s prompting – that they’ll be obedient
Sunday 19th           
WEC+: As we continue to meet with these young people pray for them to know Jesus, that they will take the plunge into His loving arms and know Him deep in their core
Monday 20th         
Pray today for an administrator to release Ali of some of her work. Pray for finances to employ an administrator for a few hours a week, if no volunteers come forward. Please get in touch if you think you might be able to help in some way
Tuesday 21st          
Dinner Hall: Thank God that the transition for the pupils from Thamesfield Way to Salisbury Road has gone smoothly and they’re integrating well. Thank God for the opportunities He is providing today for Ali to chat with the new young people 
Open Office: Pray that the relationships being nurtured here will lead to questions and a life-changing decision for the young people. Thank God for those who are now in college but still come to the office to meet their friends
Wednesday 22nd       
Dinner Hall: Pray for those who are not looking forward to the holiday next week; for those who don’t enjoy being at home and for whom school is a better place than home. Pray for courage and protection for them
Theos: Pray for Amilcar as he leads the discussion tonight, that he will see a shift in the atmosphere and the young people will engage well
Thursday 23rd        
Dinner Hall: Praise God for His grace and favour on these young people. Pray for open hearts and minds towards His Good News
Youth Café: Pray for protection and for peace, for wisdom for the adults when dealing with the young people who come, just wanting to push boundaries and limits
Friday 24th            
As we prepare for a week’s break from the school, pray for the volunteers to have a good rest and to make the most of the opportunity to spend some more quality time with Jesus. Pray for the staff to rest and have some quality time with their families
Monday 27th – Friday 31st
WHITSUN WEEK: Thank God for the input we’ve been able to have into some of the staff situations. For Jane, Lewis, and their family situations. Pray that God’s will is done in Lewis’s situation and that Jane will grow stronger in her faith as she prays for him. Thank God for the staff member’s son who has been blessed by God in his recovery from mental health. Pray that she won’t put his recovery down to himself or his therapist but that she will see the miracle God has performed in his life and have the courage to ask more about Him


Thank you for your support, as always and we thank God for all these opportunities to be His light in the communities around us

Stuart, Alison, Nigel, Richard, Matt (Trustees)

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