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The Rockin' Rev June 2019

ROCKIN REVas published by St Andrew's Church in the Gorleston Community Magazine



The semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League saw two of the greatest and most unlikely comebacks in the history of football, let alone the tournament itself. Both matches involved clubs from the English Premier League – Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur
Trailing 3-0 after the first leg against Barcelona few, except the most ardent of Liverpool fans, gave the team any chance of winning the game let alone progressing to the final. Going into the game I don’t think anyone really could have predicted that Liverpool would win 4-0 on the night and book their place in the final? Well that was on Tuesday 7th May
Come Wednesday 8th May it was the turn of Spurs. Trailing 1-0 after their home game another unlikely comeback was needed if Spurs was to make the UEFA Champions League an all-English final. When they conceded a further two goals it seemed that all hope was lost. Spurs seemed dead and buried. Then the tables began to turn. A second-half hat trick from Lucas Moura secured Spurs a place in their first ever EUFA Champions League final
ROCKIN REV 06-2019AROCKIN REV 06-2019BJubilation among the players, staff, and supporters of Spurs was matched in equal measure by the despair and disappointment of the players, staff, and supporters of Ajax. Tottenham Hotspur manager/coacH Maurichio Pochettino was in tears at the end of the game and in a post-match interview hailed his players “super-heroes”
The story of Christianity is the story of unlikely comebacks. When Jesus was crucified in the most barbaric way imaginable, those who loved him and those who loathed him thought that was the end. Reactions to the death of Jesus were mixed. Some were glad while others were sad. Some rubbed their hands in satisfaction while others hung their heads in despair. But to everyone’s amazement and surprise, death wasn’t the end of Jesus. The tomb where his body had been placed was found to be empty


Before returning to God’s dimension of reality (heaven) the risen Jesus appeared numerous times to his followers over a period of forty days, proving to them beyond doubt that he was alive. Over two thousand years on, Christians today continue to rejoice that Jesus was raised from the dead. Why? Because this most amazing and unlikely comeback is the source of an unshakable hope that shapes how Christians live life before death, not just what they believe about life after death

Rev Brian Hall
Vicar, St Andrew’s Church

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