God can cope with our problems

11th May 2020
COPING GOD Kanenori from Pixab

At a time when many people are fearful for the future, Ron Skivington reminds us that God is able to cope with all the situations which trouble us, from environmental concerns to the coronavirus pandemic

Fear is something that can affect all of us, at any time and about anything. Fear is a natural, internal warning system that produces our fight or flight reactions. It can stop us doing so much in life as it is a thief and a robber stealing hopes and dreams, holding us back from doing so many things. It can take joy and happiness out of life and can prevent people from making close friendships or stop us being able to accept compliments and kind deeds of others without thinking “What is the catch?”
We have all felt, and no doubt will, at times, experience fears. So how will we respond - give in or find ways of facing them? Did you know that courage isn't the absence of feeling fearful or anxious; it is recognising what we are feeling, but still going on anyway?
Something else we do not often like admitting to is the fact we are designed to be dependent beings, and therefore not independent and totally in control of our own destinies. By that, I mean dependent upon God
We sometimes hear the expression, "God won't give us more than we can cope with." Is that true? What would those swamped in last year’s floods, or diagnosed with an incurable illness, or struggling with heavy depression and can't see any way out think about that?
So perhaps it is truer to say that God doesn't allow what He can't cope with into our lives, so as things stretch us to beyond breaking point, He is the one from whom we can draw help, strength, comfort, etc
One the most common commands in the Bible is "Fear not" [around 366 times] usually spoken to people about to find themselves in circumstances that would challenge and take them beyond their comfort zones. We can think of Joshua about to lead Israel into their new land, Mary when told she would give birth to God's son, Paul on his way to trial in Rome over his faith in Jesus, and countless others throughout history
What have all such people discovered? God’s hands are bigger, His arms stronger, His mind clearer than ours and His love for us knows no limits. His grace [love, mercy, power] is enough and that His strength comes into its own in our weakness [2 Cor 12:9]
Whatever situation you may be facing today, trust Him and see if what others have found is not true for you as well

this article first appeared in Stalham’s Community Scene magazine, and is used with permission
the image is courtesy of Kanenori from Pixabay.com



Rev Ron Skivington is Pastor of Stalham Baptist Church


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