Lesley says "goodbye" as she retires from TimeNorfolk 

LESLEY BRADFIELDAs I enter my last working week, I wanted to say goodbye to you all.  It has been a privilege and a blessing to have been part of TimeNorfolk for many years; I know it will always remain in my heart for the wonderful charity it is and the amazing work that it does
During my time I have worked with some amazing people, met with wonderful people, and have been so humbled to work with men and women who have suffered a pregnancy loss.  I have attended weddings, funerals, and christenings for our clients which has been so special and a privilege to be asked
It had long been a vision for TimeNorfolk to open a centre in Great Yarmouth as we realised there was such a need in this area.  What a blessing it was to bring this vision into reality in April 2019 and to start our work supporting men and women who have suffered a pregnancy loss or had pregnancy related issues.  Not knowing Great Yarmouth area well, I was amazed how helpful people were and such kindness was shown to us throughout the community, and I know although we have continued through the pandemic supporting people virtually TimeNorfolk cannot wait to get back into Park Baptist Church and support clients face to face.  This is headed up by Karen Warminger 
TIME NORFOLKThere continues to be such a need for the work TimeNorfolk does especially now as we begin to emerge out of the Covid pandemic, people have never felt so alone and isolated as now.  I am now handing the baton over to our new co-directors Tim and Fiona Gosden and wish them well in their new role as leaders of this amazing charity
I would like to thank everybody for all your support over the years and am looking forward to spending a little more time with my husband and family and who knows what God has instore for me as a new chapter begins, I am sure he has a plan!
God bless and keep safe
Lesley Bradfield