Age UK Norfolk needs telephone befrienders 

27th May 2021

AGE UK NORFOLK logo"It’s lovely when somebody says thank you for ringing me. I enjoy chatting to people; they have some great stories to tell” Telephone befriender
We need more telephone befrienders. Do you know someone who likes to chat? Age UK Norfolk’s telephone befrienders make a friendly weekly call to an older person in Norfolk who may be lonely or isolated. For some older people this will be the only person they speak to all week. Even if you have only half an hour a week you could support an older person by enjoying a joke, sharing an experience or completing the quiz we provide together. One older person said about their befriender "We get on so well even though I’m 91 and she is in her 20s. I make her laugh and she makes me laugh too. We talk about all sorts of things; houses, TV, gardens. I think she’s lovely and I do look forward to our chats"
Telephone befriending enables us to support older people across the whole of Norfolk. We have found telephone befriending an effective way of building a relationship with an older person and so relieving loneliness and isolation. For the befriender it is flexible, can be carried out from home and at a time that suits befriender and older person. The cost of the call can be reclaimed. You will need email and access to a computer/tablet as the induction and a follow up a month later is carried out by Teams (similar to Zoom), this is free, straightforward and full instructions are provided
Most of our telephone befrienders are women and we need more of them. We would like to have more men too. For more information contact