From Rev Helen Lynch October 2021


No Christian is solitary. We are all part of the Body of Christ, and that is something which even death cannot beat. Charles Wesley wrote:

One family, we dwell in him,
one Church, above, beneath;
though now divided by the stream,
the narrow stream of death

This year we are celebrating All Saints and All Souls on the nearest Sunday, which happens to be the 31st of October. For us this day will have more meaning than hollow pumpkins. In the morning we will be keeping All Saints, and in the evening All Souls. Both of these feasts invite us to rejoice in the lives of all those who have gone before us ‘marked with the sign of faith’
 We remember people whose lives have witnessed powerfully to God’s grace at work. We give thanks for them, and consider how we can also live lives which help people to see God’s love in action
We remember those whom we love who have died. We give thanks for the love they showed us and we thank God for them too. We take a space to acknowledge the gap they have left in our lives, and take comfort from knowing that they are in God’s loving care
We join our prayers with all of God’s saints and angels: that God’s kingdom will come. And we take a moment to say the name of those we miss the most
Come along to the All Souls service to light a candle in their memory and thank God for them

Mother Helen


All Souls Service
6.30pm Sunday 31st October
Great Yarmouth Minster



also published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


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