From Rev Helen Lynch April 2022


April this year is a month of two halves, at least as far as the Church calendar goes! We start off in Lent, then journey to the foot of the cross through Holy Week, before the wonderful feast of Easter bursts out of the darkness of the tomb with the lighting of the Easter Fire
Spring has been unfurling around us for a few weeks now, and feels very welcome after the winter gloom. Thank goodness because I have really felt the need for it to counterpoint the gloomy and scary news which seems to abound at the moment. Our world is sorely in need of a resurrection moment, to lift us out of the clutches of greed, war, disease, poverty. We might identify with the way the Disciples felt when it seemed that all was lost, their Messiah had failed, they were never to be freed from the clutches of their Roman oppressors. All their hopes had died with Jesus, never to be seen again once that stone was rolled across the entrance to the tomb
Of course, we know that wasn’t the end of the story. At Easter we encounter new life, new hope, new beginnings. That doesn’t take away the pain, the hurt, the anxiety that Jesus and his friends went through, but it does lift our eyes to a bigger picture. It brings us to an understanding that God’s love has no limits, no end, and that God’s love will triumph over all things. God is with us, through all of life, the good and the bad, the scary times and the celebrations
So as we move from the reflective season of Lent to the action of Easter, let’s consider how we might bring new life to ourselves and the world around us through our own actions, big and small
Mother Helen

also published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


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