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Viewpoint from Richard Ferrari  29/10/2019

Great Yarmouth Healing Rooms
The Fire House Church


A free "Ferrari" coffee

Hello readers,
I am starting an astonishing and sustainable new venture of giving away money to the peacefully unsuspecting public. This isn't a unique idea, but I think the way I do it is new
I call it a Ferrari coffee, because that is my name and it is a personal gift from me. I choose people that I don't know but like the look of and give them a gift
dove leftThe gift consists of a business card telling them to have a coffee at my expense and giving the money to fund it. All in a small paper coin envelope
If anyone has the courage to approach me I will tell them what it is about them that I see in them that is good. That could be quite awkward
Everyone really is a winner here because I don't give away money I can't afford to lose. If I do give away more than I can afford then the new testament makes it clear that God can't be outgiven and will make it up to me, but probably not financially. If someone gets a coffee they will feel happy and it is all of a sudden a good day. They will think good thoughts about me and I will sometimes know and be on cloud 9. If they decide not to have a coffee that money will probably stay in their wallet as a forever gift from me because everyone is using plastic now
Dove rightIf they realise that this gift from me is nothing compared to every single moment where God is actively giving them life, purpose, and interesting options then suddenly God seems to have really improved. Jesus was sent to earth to do good things. He healed people, that is nice but quite difficult. This is a lower risk option. Even the Queen looks up for it. If you fold a £10 note exactly in half you can see her smiling through the clear window
If anyone wants to have a share in this non-business of losing small amounts of money please contact Network Yarmouth for my email. I will post out to you free of charge business cards, envelopes, glitter. You supply the money and give out the envelopes. I am thinking of a fiver mostly but you could choose a different amount. Any person can apply- with faith or without. I challenge you- have you got the guts to join me in this!
Have you got the guts to receive a coffee? Have I got the guts to do this? This article will help me get going. I have given 2 away so far, both to friends so they don't really count
Jesus said you either serve God or material things! I'm not quite sure where I stand on that. The other day I found myself kneeling before my new car in worship touching up the wheel trim
My best thoughts
Richard Ferrari
also published in the Great Yarmouth Mercury



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Peter Gray-Read (Guest) 31/10/2021 21:23
Great initiative Richard - you didn't tell them that the cross walk was a great opportunity to discover likely recipients - I forgive you, brother...