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Heavenly Father, as I lay awake for a while last night the thought crossed my mind that I was sleeping in a room I didn't pay for. In fact I have slept in the room for many nights and I did not pay for one of them
Viewpoint from Rev Mike Simm 22/06/2018
I wonder how good you are at waiting. I’m terrible at it. Particularly if I’m waiting for a company to answer the phone and I’m listening to a Coldplay song for the 7th time. However, waiting is a frustrating dimension of modern life More ...
Share-a-Prayer 21/06/2018
Heavenly Father, I sometimes hear people say they are "sick and tired". Often the person using the phrase is quite robust, walking down the street, looking fairly healthy and anything but sick or tired More ...
Share-a-Prayer 20/06/2018
Heavenly Father, "Testing, testing, one, two, three, testing". Tap, tap, tap! "Is it on?" How often have I seen and heard this when a sound system is being set up? So many times! And then, "Can you hear me? Is it loud enough?" More ...
MAGS 2018A matthew price
Football cage in church heralds launch of new youth group in Gorleston
A church in Gorleston was taken over by young people on Friday evening as a football cage was installed in the church building More ...
Share-a-Prayer 019/06/2018
Heavenly Father, I wish that I could say "I never doubted You for a minute" but I know, and I know that You know, I guess everyone knows, it simply would not be true More ...
Created get-together for LGBT+ folk and friends
CREATED is a new group offering fun, friendship, and support to any LGBT+ Christian, friends and family. We are here to make sure no-one is isolated and to be a place where people can share their stories and struggles and feel affirmed and understood More ...
Share-a-Prayer 18/06/2018
Heavenly Father, I saw someone writing information they needed to remember on the back of their hand just the other day; it reminded me that You told the Israelites that You are One God and that they, and now we, should love You with all our heart, soul, More ...
Share-a-Prayer this Son-day 17/06/2018
Heavenly Father, thank You for another Son-day, a day to worship the Son of the Father on what we call Fathers’ Day. Every day is Father's Day, every day is Son-day, and every day is a day to be filled with Your Holy Spirit More ...
Share-a-Prayer 16/06/2018
Heavenly Father, there are places in the world where landmines are a great danger having been placed underground in a current conflict, or left there from a previous war. People live in fear of their lives, not sure where to step next More ...
Share-a-Prayer 15/06/2018
Heavenly Father, thank You for helping me to pray every day and to share this prayer with my wife and children, their spouses, my fellow church members, and so many others. In fact I now have no idea how many people read this prayer each day More ...
Viewpoint from Allan Jeavons 15/06/2018
Life: what’s it about? Where’s my life going? I’ll get my life together … one day. We may have said this about ourselves and we have certainly heard it from others, but what is Life? More ...
Finding God in the waves
Network Norfolk columnist, Ruth Starkings has been to the seaside, and has been reminded of the might and constancy of God More ...
Share-a-Prayer 14/06/2018
Heavenly Father, there have been many times when I have sat down to pray without a single idea where to start, no phrase in my head, no Bible verse that is relevant to the situation I am in, and yet every day You seem to know what is on my heart More ...
Share-a-Prayer 13/06/2018
Heavenly Father, as I was walking yesterday I saw some signs with blue background and white arrows, quite a number of them, beneath were written the words "ONE WAY". There were also signs indicating, "NO LEFT TURN" More ...
Share-a-Prayer 12/06/2018
Heavenly Father, I was able to watch a small patch of concrete from a distance a few days ago and see on it an orange coloured helicopter. The pilot had found his way from somewhere in the world, probably in the UK I guess, to this small patch and land More ...
Create and/or chat at Art Café
Come and join us as we chat, some people colour, paint, draw, make cards, play board games More ...
CAP looking for Support Workers
Christians Against Poverty is a charity that goes into people’s homes to help them out of crippling debt and to tell them that Jesus Christ can free them to live lives full of hope and purpose More ...
Share-a-Prayer 11/06/2018
Heavenly Father, Thank You for the specific details You have given us about the life of Jesus and the disciples More ...
Share-a-Prayer 10/06/2018
Share-a-Prayer 09/06/2018
Share-a-Prayer 08/06/2018
Viewpoint from Izabela Clarry 08/06/2018
Is your church multi-cultural?
Share-a-Prayer 07/06/2018
Share-a-Prayer 06/06/2018
Unite update and prayer diary for June 2018
Deputy coffee shop manager needed
Share-a-Prayer 05/06/2018
Praise in St George's Park is back for 2018
Church altar rededicated after arson and devil hate crime attack
Share-a-Prayer 04/06/2018
Share-a-Prayer 03/06/2018
Share-a-Prayer 02/06/2018
Viewpoint from Rev Chris Tinker 01/06/2018
Cash needed to save community Christmas event
Two Gorleston youth projects resuming
Delightful Organ Recital at Great Yarmouth Minster
50/50 Club May 2018 draw winner announced
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