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Heavenly Father, thank You that You do not force Yourself upon us. You came down from Heaven to be with us, Immanuel, God with us
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S August 2020
Last month we considered the question, “Why did the coronavirus pandemic happen?” We discovered that the Bible does help to explain why, and indeed, why other terrible things happen such as poverty, disease and war More ...
The Rockin' Rev August 2020
When ‘lockdown’ was imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic I started (and still continue) to post a time of prayer, Bible-reading and reflection on the St. Andrew’s Church Facebook page More ...
Gorleston church active during lockdown
Cliff Park Community Church in Gorleston has been active in supporting the local community during lockdown, helping with food and meals distribution, as well as online services and an Alpha course More ...
Letter from Uncle Eustace August 2020
Rev Dr Gary Bowness writes a tongue-in-cheek letter from the elderly Anglo-Catholic vicar ‘Uncle Eustace’ to Darren, his nephew, a low-church curate, recently ordained... More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Rev Daniel Pritchard 31/07/2020
In recent weeks, one thing has dominated the headlines and, sometimes, these Mercury Viewpoint articles. So, I am not even going to mention it! Not once. I thought perhaps I should change the subject More ...
The natural world can astonish us
Rev Frank Cliff, Assistant Priest, Great Yarmouth Team Ministry, researches mustard seeds and is amazed by what he finds More ...
Story Behind the Hymn 'Just As I Am'
The hymn ‘Just As I Am’ must be one of the most famous in the world. It has The been sung by tens of millions of Christians at Billy Graham Crusades the world over, just for starters! More ...
Worship during August at The Minster
A full list of worship and activities, both physical and virtual, during the month of August More ...
Reflections from The Minster
Pam Spychal reflects on the changes to life at the Minster More ...
NEOWISE pixabay
From The Revd Frank Cliff
Last night Carolyn and I became what my father would have called ‘a pair of dirty stop outs’ as we finally came home at 11.45pm. The occasion was to observe a comet called Neowise More ...
New Rector for Bradwell Benefice
Revd Stephen Deall was collated on Thursday 16 July via video link, beginning his ministry in St Nicholas, Bradwell. He tells us a bit about his life and how he came to ministry More ...
Identity Youth Project inspires young people of Gorleston
During this challenging period, young people have had time on their hands, a need for interaction and a love for technology. This is a combination that Identity Youth Project has utilised well More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Rev Derrick Hill 24/07/2020
Well, the past few months have certainly been different! Some have been shielding; others have taken furlough, either by choice or by force of circumstances; many have taken the opportunity to enjoy a slower pace of life, more in tune with nature More ...
WEEDING pixabay
Our gardens have never looked better
Rev Canon Simon Ward shares his thoughts about sorting out the clutter in out lives More ...
50/50 Club July 2020 draw winner announced
Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre's July draw was conducted by Michael Hewitt, and the lucky winner is ..... More ...
Virtual Sunday services at Cliff Park Community Church
The details for joining in with Cliff Park Community Church’s virtual Sunday service using zoom are shared here More ...
St Mary Magdalene Church Sunday Reopening
Following recent government advice, we are delighted that, beginning on 19th July, there will be a short service of morning worship every Sunday at 10.30am More ...
Arrangements for Sunday Services at St Andrew's Gorleston
Sunday Services in the church building will resume on Sunday 19th July 2020 with a service at 10am. This will also be live streamed via Zoom to enable those preferring not to come to the church building to take part More ...
Gorleston Baptist Church is inspired through lockdown
Viewpoint from Rev Matthew Price 17/07/2020
Viewpoint from Jane Walters 10/07/2020
Praying provision for those bound in poverty  
An appreciation of Ed Ellis, a kind encourager  
Viewpoint from Rev Peter Paine 03/07/2018
Opening THE Book 26 with Rev John K-S
Letter from 'Uncle Eustace' July 2020
The Rockin' Rev July 2020
A ‘Holding Cross’
The Minster is open for private prayer
From The Rectory July 2020
A response to identity politics
Viewpoint from Rev Martin Upton 26/06/2019
Invite Heaven into your home
New (After Corona) Wineskins
Viewpoint from Rev John Kinchin-Smith 19/06/2020
Christians should rise above identity politics
50/50 Club June 2020 draw winner announced
Life hangs by a (2m) thread...
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