Editorial help still needed  

Network Yarmouth supplies the platform to report what is happening right across the Borough of Great Yarmouth’s Christian community

We currently send out well over 300 weekly newsletters and have an average of 110,000 hits per month from 25 countries around the world.  Pretty impressive statistics considering the website is built up from nothing by a small team who also knew nothing about website editing when they started.  Sadly, the team is now down to one person and needs to be built up

If you are computer literate, how about your considering making a commitment to either being a regular roving reporter, or training to be a webmaster?  Of course, both are voluntary roles:

  • webmasters will be given appropriate training and support.  When trained, we will discuss how we will, together, move forward to continue to provide this valuable service

  • roving reporters will be asked to keep an eye on events, changes, etc in the local Christian community and either attend those events and submit write-ups to the webmasters; or obtain articles from the relevant sources to submit to the webmasters

Whichever role you choose, your support will be greatly valued as the website is proving to be a valuable communication tool and also an outreach resource as many not-yet-Christians read it

The current webmaster said “being part of this valuable resource is hugely rewarding and I’m so glad I overcame that initial feeling of 'I couldn't do that’” 
If you are interested in either of these roles, please contact Judith Edmonds