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From the Vicarage January 2019

JEMMA SANDER-HEYSas published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


Rev Jemma Sander-Heys  


Happy New Year!

Am I still allowed to write that I wonder when we live in such turbulent times? Nations in upheaval, borders under dispute, climate change threatening the environment, and austerity causing so many people to struggle...?
The greeting 'Happy New Year' has always been an optimistic wish rather than a statement of fact, as every year of human history since the beginning has been full of challenges and problems to face together, sometimes experienced by many, sometimes by few. At the moment I get the feeling we're very much 'all in this together' as there are so many challenges to face that everyone is affected. But nevertheless the hope remains there in the greeting - that good things will come during the course of the year - we will still have blessings to count, and there will come sunshine along with the rain
In fact, as a Christian, our hope never really diminishes - even at the darkest hour - because we live in the light of Christ's victory and all the struggles that we face here and now will be unraveled and resolved on the day of judgement. So really for me New Year is just another day, to knuckle down and get on with things hopefully - working hard to try to share a bit of that further vision of Christ's coming in glory, with those who feel really stuck in the world's mud.. Hope and hard work, that's what I expect the new year to bring... and surprising blessings along the way, from the God who works with and through us, and delights in us

God Bless you in your work and prayers this year!
Rev Jemma


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