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WORDLE 06-2022
Listening is a form of kindness
Recently I was introduced to Wordle. It’s a game that I play on my tablet. I have six attempts to guess a five-letter word, with feedback given for each guess. I usually get to the answer by the sixth attempt but occasionally I get completely stuck More ...
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S June 2022
Last month we began to look at what the Bible teaches about the return of Jesus in power and glory, what Christians often call “Jesus’ Second Coming”. Sometimes Christians also refer to this as “The end of the world” More ...
SIMON WARD 12-2018
From the Rectory June 2022
As we approach the Platinum Jubilee it is likely that we’ll soon run out of superlatives to describe the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Seventy years is an astonishing achievement. Just the travel statistics alone are mind boggling More ...
Rev Rosie writes about the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
It has never happened before, and it may not ever happen again! Our queen, Queen Elizabeth II, is the first-ever British monarch to have reigned for 70 years, and celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. This Platinum Jubilee is something to celebrate More ...
trials to triumphs
Turning trials to triumphs
A few days ago, I lost a dear friend to cancer. I had not seen him for fifteen years and yet, when we chatted on his final day, all those years disappeared. We chuckled over shared experiences, often embarrassing, when things hadn't quite gone to plan More ...
geese 750AT
What can we learn from the geese?
Anna Heydon urges us to take a lesson from the formation flying of geese as we cope with the busy-ness of our lives More ...
Awareness part two
If you are into quantum science you will know that the more scientists explore the minute world of atoms, protons, gluons, etc the more mystical it all gets. Things that appear and disappear, invisible and weightless forces that hold things together, etc More ...
Awareness part one
Do you ever find yourself starting a prayer with something about entering the presence of the Lord, or welcoming him into our meeting/our day? It’s kind of upside down thinking as he brings us into being and welcomes us More ...
Rev Rosie writes about looking forward
What are you looking forward to? I hope you might be anticipating a number of happy events in the coming months. I know that it is very British but I must say I am looking forward to the warmer weather and blue skies, and time in the garden More ...
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S May 2022
Christians believe that one day Jesus will return, often referred to as “Jesus’ Second Coming”. What does the Bible say about this? Luke, the author of Acts, records that 40 days after Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples witnessed his bodily return More ...
The Rockin' Rev May 2022
Belonging Believing Behaving
Turning Trials into Triumphs
Are we locking ourselves away?
Some thoughts on forgiveness
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S April 2022
The Rockin' Rev April 2022
From Rev Helen Lynch April 2022
Rev Rosie writes about Easter
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S March 2022
The Rockin' Rev March 2022
From the Rectory March 2022
Rev Rosie writes about justice
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S February 2022
The Rockin' Rev February 2022
Rev Rosie writes about new shoots 
Rag Man
We are all gifted
The Rockin' Rev January 2022
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S January 2022
From the Rectory January 2022
Rev Rosie writes
Looking forward to my Booster
From Rev Helen Lynch December 2021
Rev Rosie writes about anticipation
Global warming?
Look to the future with joy 
Rev Rosie writes about Remembrance
From the Vicarage November 2021
The Rockin' Rev October 2021
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S October 2021
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S September 2021
The Rockin' Rev September 2021
Rev Rosie writes about anticipation and hope
From The Revd Frank Cliff August 2021
Give thanks to the Lord for the glory of trees
Meeting Inside
Today I choose joy
Global warming or God’s warning…
From the Rectory March 2021
One Cup of Tea at a Time
From The Rectory February 2021
Thanking God for the Windows
Can we follow the truth in 2021?
An Awake Vision from Karl and Tracey Goffe
Reflections for January 
From Rev Helen Lynch January 2021
From The Rectory December 2020
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S November 2020
From the Vicarage November 2020
Thank you, Lord, for Covid-19…
Chosen and adopted by God
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S October 2020
The Rockin' Rev October 2020
From Rev Helen Lynch October 2020
God is still in control
Written the morning of the day I died?
Good things about the current situation
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S September 2020
Finding a moment with God
What’s in Your Hand?
From the Vicarage September 2020
We can help to complete God’s jigsaw
The surfing Saviour and the dripping disciple
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S August 2020
The Rockin' Rev August 2020
Letter from Uncle Eustace August 2020
The natural world can astonish us
Story Behind the Hymn 'Just As I Am'
From The Revd Frank Cliff August 2020
Our gardens have never looked better
Opening THE Book 26 with Rev John K-S
Letter from 'Uncle Eustace' July 2020
The Rockin' Rev July 2020
A ‘Holding Cross’
From The Rectory July 2020
A response to identity politics
Invite Heaven into your home
New (After Corona) Wineskins
Christians should rise above identity politics
Life hangs by a (2m) thread...
Opening THE Book 25 with Rev John K-S
The Rockin' Rev June 2020
Blessed are the Truth Tellers
Letter from Nancy June 2020
From Rev Helen Lynch June 2020
Letter from Uncle Eustace June 2020
The New Normal 
A time for courage, not fear; love, not anxiety
Searching for rainbows – the sign of God’s love
They were always heroes, and always will be
God can cope with our problems
God gives the strength we need during lockdown
Jesus didn’t keep a social distance
The Rockin' Rev May 2020
Opening THE Book 24 with Rev John K-S
Mind the gap - how to fill our lockdown lives
Psalm 34: Delivered From Fear
Letter from Nancy
From the Vicarage May 2020
Coronavirus golden rules from Father Simon
Open letter to the PM regarding national prayer
World Quarantine
We need resurrection hope in testing times
Opening THE Book 23 with Rev John K-S
The Rockin' Rev April 2020
“Your sins are forgiven”
Yes, this is my third week
Lent began last Tuesday
Sending smiles 
From the Rectory April 2020
We should welcome the stranger
Covid 19 and Joshua 1:9 
Is God pointing us to a better future?
Opening THE Book 22 with Rev John K-S
The Rockin' Rev March 2020
Letter from Nancy March 2020
From Rev Stephen Andrews March 2020
God’s too big to not exist
Look after each other and planet Earth
Loving Vincent
Fire from God 2
Fire from God
Opening THE Book 21 with Rev John K-S
Where is Love?
25th February Shrove Tuesday Who’s for Pancakes?
From the Rectory February 2020
God cares about planet Earth
Happy New Year! from Rev Matthew Price 
Opening THE Book 20 with Rev John K-S
The Language of Love at Christmas 
Reflections for the New Year
25 January - the conversion of St Paul
From Rev Helen Lynch January 2020
All I want for Christmas is… Hope
The Truth and Knowledge of Christianity
Waiting on Christ 
The challenges of an Advent election
Cultivating Devotion 
Opening THE Book 19 with Rev John K-S
Words of wisdom from John Wesley 
From the Rectory December 2019
Thank God for our politicians
Follow The Star
Opening THE Book 18 with Rev John K-S
Was Jesus involved in politics?
From the Vicarage November 2019
Opening THE Book 17 with Rev John K-S
From Rev Helen Lynch October 2019
Greetings from Nancy October 2019
Is the message of Jesus relevant in 2019?
He will wipe away every tear
Angels Unawares
No Comment - just prayers
Opening THE Book 16 with Rev John K-S
The Pharisee in the mirror
From Rev Frank Cliff September 2019
Seeing it differently in Norwich Cathedral
Blessed be the fruit
Opening THE Book 15 with Rev John K-S
From the Rectory August 2019
Summer acts as a preview
We need a revolution of love now
The Church must listen, and build bridges
‘Running’ in the New Testament
Greetings from Nancy July 2019
From Rev Helen Lynch July 2019
Opening THE Book 14 with Rev John K-S
7 billion people, and each one special to God
The Holy Spirit empowers us to focus outwards
Opening THE Book 13 with Rev John K-S
Reflections for June
Signs and Symbols
What's so Important about Trinity?
No looking back with God
From Father Stephen Andrews June 2019
Only Love can bring us all together
The Truth of the Ascension
Opening THE Book 12 with Rev John K-S
Thoughts Inspired by Easter
From the Vicarage May 2019
We all need to coexist on planet earth
The Great Physician
Resurrection Sunday means there is hope
Black Holes – God’s drawing pins
Opening THE Book 11 with Rev John K-S
Good Friday Prayers
From the Rectory April 2019
A husband’s needs in a Godly marriage
The supernatural and the Truth
Original Blessing means more than Original Sin
Spring has Sprung
Responding to the Prodigal Daughter
Opening THE Book 10 with Rev John K-S
Amazing love - more than just a Valentine
Opening THE Book 9 with Rev John K-S
Compassion in the Cold...
From the Rectory February 2019
Winning God’s race
James, free will, and God’s love
26th January: Timothy and Titus: How Local Church Leaders should be
25th January: St Paul: the first Christian Intellectual
What about the Gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh?
A Woman’s Needs in Marriage
6th January - ‘The Epiphany’
Opening THE Book 8 with Rev John
From the Vicarage January 2019
Build bridges, not walls
Opening THE Book 7 with Rev John
Opening THE Book 6 with Rev John
Making the Right Move
Opening THE Book 5 with Rev John
Opening THE Book 4 with Rev John
A thinking space
Opening THE Book 3 with Rev John
Letter from Nancy December 2018
How should we cope with Brexit uncertainty?
From the Rectory December 2018
Remembrance 100
More than many sparrows
The rhythm of the day with God
Remembering the End of World War One
Reflections for November
From Revd Helen Budd
Jesus meets us where we are
Are you content?
Why Christians are like pumpkins
From Rev Frank Cliff
Accepting the change
How deep are your roots?
From the Rectory September 2018
Can Jesus fully satisfy our human hunger?
This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!
The words we use matter
I DO like Mondays!
What’s your talent?
From the Rectory August 2018
What do we really mean by 'Tolerance'?
God sees the best in us
The right gear
Having a sense of purpose
James shares his experience of following life's signs
From Rev Helen Budd July 2018
Finding God in the waves
Is your church multi-cultural?
Reflections for June
Giving begins with God
From Father Stephen Andrews June 2018
From the Vicarage May 2018
'Nothing more than nothing' can be significant
Let God write your page
Looking for the Joy of the Lord
The Return of Hope
Reflections for April
From the Rectory April 2018
Easter – new day, new beginnings, new hope
An end to ‘Cosy Church’ and ‘Duvet Discipleship’?
From the Rectory March 2018
Ministerial Meltdown
Let’s be grateful for Octavia Hill
All In – It’s all about commitment
Reflections for February
From the Team Vicar Revd Jemma
How to keep going when the resolutions fail
From the Rectory December 2017
Powerful are the Peacemakers
Not only Christopher Robin can say prayers
From the Rectory November 2017
One Love is the answer to the disasters we face
From the Rectory October 2017
500th Anniversary of the Reformation
Harvest – a time for some real thanksgiving!
The transforming power of kindness
Is teaching evolution to schoolchildren dangerous?
Tragic loss of Charlie Gard
Mirroring the perfection that is already in us
Great Yarmouth Blessing
From the Vicarage July 2017
That empty hole in your life can be filled by the Holy One to make you whole
Fr Grant's placement experiences
Massacre of the innocents
From the Vicarage May 2017
Putting others first
Lent is a time of reflection
Living in a world of influence
Story of Jonah ‘message of second chances’
A recipe for peace in troubled times
Epiphany is a time of renewal
Why does God allow evil?
A letter from Love
God has come down to us in Jesus Christ
Mercy and Truth are met together
It's good to talk 
Harvest can be a time of real struggle
The power of prayer in times of bad news
To bless or to curse? – that is our choice 
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Chet
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Zayin
Statement by Bishop of Norwich on EU Referendum result
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Vav
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: He
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Daleth
What kind of political party would Jesus lead?
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Gimel
From the Rectory May 2016
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Beth
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Aleph (2)
Ask God to help you break the cycle
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: Aleph
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: introduction part 5
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: introduction part 4
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: introduction part 3
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective: introduction part 2
Exploring Psalm 119 from a scientist’s perspective
Some of us are ‘so silly…’
Should we leave politics to the politicians?
Coping with the tough times
This nation needs God
Pray for the peace of the world
Why a Remembrance Service?
Ten things God doesn't ask!!
Children’s letters to God
How can wicked people like Hitler be saved?
Standing together in peace and unity
New Year Message from Bishop Graham
Happy new year from the Rectory
From the Rectory
It doesn't hurt to have a little Biblical humour
Did not God create us all equal?
Time Management
If only I had .........???
Jesus is the man of FIRE
The role of signs and wonders examined
Law versus Grace
Jesus chose to die for you
He was a child of promise like we who was not under the Law 
The Holy Spirit gives us liberty
God calls us to love and serve others just as Jesus did
Let's lay down disunity
Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the Law?
Some dates and events to reflect upon
Flooding response
Don't look to others: they'll fail you
May my life be a fountain
I don't want mediocre Christianity
Affordable accommodation in London very much needed
You are My love, My dove
I long for you to turn to Me
Your face, Lord, is all I seek
We are inseparable
It's a love which is unconditional
Our Creator is the examiner of hearts
I have a thirst for Him
How do you hear from God?
Do we look in the wrong places for Him?
God is all things to all men
As Advent approaches
He was a man: not a movie star
Greater love hath no man ......
Halloween: is it a Romans 14 issue?
Is He speaking to you now?
What are things coming to?
Let's not hide who He is
All He wants is for us to want Him
Cover My Weaknesses
It's hard to ask for help
The Living Bible
I am willing to change, and I want to change.....
Turn to God: he's waiting to help you. He is our safety net
The Rest that Paul spoke of is Grace and Grace is Christ  
Beware of becoming vulnerable
Is it ok to leave my church?
Before the world began
Love your enemies
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